Halfway around the world in an electric tuk tuk


Halfway around the world in an electric tuk tuk

Halfway around the world in an electric tuk tuk-China wants conquer world markets

Bangkok – Toulouse: What can be summed up in two words will be the adventure of a lifetime for the three students

Source: dpa / da cs

In a tuk tuk with an electric drive, three students set off from Bangkok on a trip around the world to France. With the 20,000 kilometer trip, they want to show that the energy transition is possible.

M.so only talk, others do something. In order to get their political message across to the people, three students have embarked on a long, possibly arduous journey: from Bangkok they want to travel 20,000 kilometers through 15 countries to France – in an electrically powered tuk tuk.

The circumstances are adverse. The range of the motorized rickshaw, which has been converted into a battery mobile with solar panels on the roof, is a good 200 kilometers at best. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 100 km / h.

On the way, Ludwig Merz from Germany and the two French Remy Fernandes-Dandre and Karen Koulakian only have to convince a few technically speaking, they count on human support on site. “Human, because the electricity comes from the houses, from the hearts of encounters, on the way”, write the three who call themselves “The Pilgreens” for the project on their website.

Halfway around the world in an electric tuk tuk-world

Three students, an electric tuk tuk and an idea: Fernandes-Dandre, Ludwig Merz and Karen Koulakian (from left to right) want to drive 20,000 kilometers through 15 countries in 120 days – belownd thereby promoting climate change and the potential of electromobility

Source: dpa / da cs

But of course the trip has idealistic reasons, which the three twenties would like to make plausible to the whole mobile human race. “Electrical energy can be the basis of our locomotion. Every day, ”write the three. “Exhaust gases are destroying our planet. Exhaust gases poison our lungs and cities. We all know. And yet we still shy away from the necessary changes. ”Electricity is the key energy of mobility.

Difficult conditions in the Russian winter

Before the UN climate conference begins in Paris at the end of November, the students want to arrive in Toulouse, the city where they met, in an electrically powered tuk tuk. The successful conclusion of the action in the context of the world climate summit would be ideal for the three.

In the activists’ plans, there is both an opportunity and a risk. If the trip goes well, you will have delivered evidence that is far more impressive than the people in the 16 countries crossed over.

Halfway around the world in an electric tuk tuk-halfway

Packing for the long journey: There won’t be enough supplies for 120 days. The drive batteries, good for a range of perhaps 200 kilometers, are also used by the three activists betweenhave to recharge several times

Source: dpa / da cs

If the action has to be started, the evidence fails. There will be no room in perception for subtleties, such as the fact that normal e-cars are far from having to deal with such harsh circumstances.

It will always be exciting: Because the start of the trip, originally planned for June 10, 2015, had to be postponed for organizational reasons, the three students will probably come through parts of Russia in their open Tuk Tuk where winter has already fallen. As side walls against wind and weather, the Thai tricycle only has tarpaulins to be lowered.

Halfway around the world in an electric tuk tuk-electric

Delayed departure: Last Sunday, the three students finally set off with their tricycle. The route will lead you through Russia, where you will approach wintersee

Source: dpa / da cs

On August 8, 2015, Merz, Fernandes-Dandre and Koulakian set off from Bangkok. They estimated the duration of the trip as 120 days. If everything goes according to plan, the peaceful activists should arrive around the beginning of December. It could work. with dpa

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