Hamburg and Bavaria leader in electric car loading infrastructure

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Hamburg and Bavaria leader in electric car loading infrastructure-leader

Hamburg and Bavaria at the top: Hamburg is leader with 774 electric car charging points in the expansion of the charging infrastructure in German cities, followed by Berlin (628) and Stuttgart (402). With a view of the federal states Bayern is 2.503 charging points now significantly before North Rhine-Westphalia (1.970) and Baden-Wurttemberg (1.786). This reports the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW).

In the BDEW survey, besides the charging columns in public spaces also charging pillars on publicly accessible private area (parking garages, supermarket parking sets, etc.) recorded. Overall, there is now almost 11.000 Public loading points for electricity vehicles. In contrast, the sum of about 99 is.600 in Germany permitted full or partially electrically operated cars. Statistically, there are just nine vehicles to a charging point.

“This shows: The energy industry has gone massively in advance when expanding the loading infrastructure and drives the climate-friendly drive technology ahead. And that, although the operation of the charging columns due to the small number of vehicles has not been worthwhile. The automotive industry must now finally follow up and bring e-cars to the market, which correspond in price and performance of a broader buyer layer.”- Stefan Hat Capper, Chairman of the BDEW-General Management

In addition, the distribution networks must be optimally prepared for the desired upswing of electromobility, so the association in a message. In some regions, it will be necessary to expand or strengthen the distribution network. It is important that the potential of digitization is consistently used and smart technology as control software is used in the networks. This can reduce the expansion of expansion.


For the BDEW survey, the charging stations were recorded in the public road room and publicly available private areas. Because for the survey with deadline 30.06.In 2017, the database of actors such as operators of parking garages and courts has been extended, they will not be one of one with the last survey of 31.12.Compare 2016.

One charging point is then available as publicly accessible if it is either in the public road or for a private reason, provided that the parking item belonging to the charging point can actually be driven by an indefinite or only general characteristics determinable group of people.

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