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Has · To: Be: Limitless shop throughout Europe-europe

Chaotary chaos – know e-motorists to meet. Now there should be a remedy. Has · To write to the flag, to take care of the mobility service providers to take care of the complex processing of roaming contracts and the elaborate settlement of the charging processes. For e-motorists themselves, this means unlimited access to charging stations throughout Europe without loading card chaos.

Roaming no k.O.-Criterion more

So far, roaming was associated with great effort in electromobility. If providers of charging cards wanted to provide their customers access to “strangers” charging stations, numerous contracts with individual charging station operators had to be completed. With EMSP.Operation of Has · to · Be include these efforts of the past. In the future, customers will receive access to a Europe-wide shop network. Main advantage, the processing of the charging processes happens via the already existing loading card.

The electric car driver does not notice anything that happens in the background. Behind the scenes, Has · To take care of the contracts for the operators of the infrastructure. Thus, for the providers of the loading cards is eliminated from the beginning of the massive administrative effort, the hundreds of contractual relationships. Also in the billing ensures maximum transparency and simplicity.

At the end of the month, the Mobility Service Provider receives a clear collective invoice of all roaming loads of its customers and pays them to have?. The forwarding of the costs to the end customers can then easily and automated via the BE.Energized tariff management are handled.

Savings for mobility service providers, loading card providers and electric motorists

Thus, not only the mobility service providers are saving costs for technical processing, but the loading card providers benefit from the top conditions that are negotiated for them for them. The purchase prices for the individual loading operations are negotiating Has · to · be with the individual charging station operators. How much the end customers pay for roaming operations can determine the Mobility Service Provider itself. On request, customer roaming operations can also be provided with a fixed, automatically calculated extra charge.

As a customer, one is then able to use the Europe-wide shop network for a specified price, without a loading card or apps steadily switch.

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