Headlights: new functions at Mercedes

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Mercedes beam navigation onto the street – and warns the back man of Schlecheis

Headlights: new functions at Mercedes-functions
Mercedes New light functions at Mercedes

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Halogen, LED or laser – so far, car headlights have been shining forward brightly. In the future, these should also become a means of communication with the environment. For example to warn the back man.

Anyone who is still traveling with halogen headlights in their car today is from the day before yesterday and even those who have the area of their own vehicle illuminate by bright Xenon bulbs every evening, drive up the technology for a few years. Current alone are bright LED modules that-if necessary. Even with laser support – adapt to the traffic and the surrounding area. So dark curves are illuminated as brightly as intersection areas or the distance area up to 600 meters in front of the car. Modern headlights have long been networked with navigation systems and can illuminate areas before the car. "We are working on expanding the driving parts with high beam significantly," explains Gunter Fischer, Head of Body Development Exterior and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG, "currently up to 45 percent. We can increase this to up to 70 percent or more in the medium term."

8000 light islands in the headlight

But that’s not enough for a long time. The headlights of tomorrow go two more steps further. Working in the high-tech headlight of the current Mercedes E-Class at least for an additional charge, for example, for example, LED main villa with 84 individual light elements, this will be between 1024 and 8196 light islands in the next few years. As a result, oncoming traffic can be hidden much more precisely than before. The situation is similar with the new lighting systems in the 5 Series / 7 Series BMW or the future models A6 / A7 / A8. Opel and Seat have even brought the high-tech light into the price-sensitive volume segments with models such as Astra, Mokka X, Leon or Ibiza.

Headlights: new functions at Mercedes-mercedes
ADAC LED headlights cut particularly well in a test of the ADAC

In the darkness, this is not only pleased with oncoming drivers and the vehicle that runs in front of you on the evening country road, but also crossing cyclists or pedestrians who stand on the roadside. Together with several technology partners, Mercedes is developing a visionary headlight in which the light module becomes an HD projector like in their own living room. Up to a million micros levels in the LED headlight of the day after tomorrow ensure that films could even be played in front of a wall.

LED headlights from the day after tomorrow

Since it is not about a private car cinema, but about security, the HD projector of the near future is coupled to the driver assistance systems via the cameras and navigation data installed in the vehicle. "Light is an important part of the accident -free driving for us," explains Gunter Fischer, "we don’t just bring more light to the front. In particular, it is about an unexpected precision of the light distribution.“With tight construction site passages, for example, it is possible to project auxiliary lines onto the roadway. A photo is created 60 times a second.

Headlights: new functions at Mercedes-functions
Mercedes High-tech headlights can also visualize warnings

If there is a danger or if it becomes mirror -smooth on a winter bridge, warning messages can be blasted on the street shortly beforehand. The roadway becomes a head-up display outside the car. Auxiliary lines for other road users are also conceivable, with which they recognize that the approaching car has recognized them. As with the study of the Future Vehicle F 015, Mercedes can even imagine letting the radiator grille out to a communication area or shining a crosswalk on the street.

The authorities are still missing

With one million light points in the headlight, 100 meters in front of the vehicle can be displayed sharper than the smallest elements with a size of 2.5 x 4 cm. However, the authorities still have to issue their permits. If a car projects a variable warning messages onto the street, this is also visible to other road users. The legal mills are grinding very slowly in the United States, especially in the United States. Many functions of the current Matrix LED headlights from Audi, BMW, Porsche or Mercedes are still not allowed in the country of unlimited automotive options and are therefore not activated. Similar to the construction of a network for quick charging stations, many competitors pull together for once. However, the American legislative procedures should hardly be completed before 2019/2020.

Headlights: new functions at Mercedes-headlights
Mercedes New headlight functions at Mercedes

The future technology, the glaring light LED light with up to one million microsptings, to fleet a maximum, comes from the House of the supplier Texas Instruments. With this technique, the American electronics group does not supply Daimler itself, but the manufacturer of the headlights; In this case, for example, automotive lighting. The correspondingly adapted control electronics come from Mercedes. More than two dozen programmers are currently working in a newly created project house at the Swabians to stage the light of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow as effectively as possible. The situation is similar with manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volvo or General Motors, who all work on networked lighting systems of the future.

All premium manufacturers work on the high-tech light

"In the past, we always needed a new hardware for a new headlight," said Lichte expert Gunter Fischer, "that could change soon. Then software updates could be enough to unlock new light functions. If necessary, even for the customer via the app later.“When the new technology will be installed in a series vehicle, there is still light stars on the firmament. If the authorities nod, this should be so far in two to three years at the earliest. Maybe a playground for the new Mercedes S-Class, which will be presented in 2020. It will be one of the first models that can be autonomous on road traffic, at least on motorways. A few visionary high-tech headlights would be just right.

revolution "over the air": This feature has never existed in a car

Headlights: new functions at Mercedes-mercedes

Site/Wochit revolution "over the air": This feature has never existed in a car

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9 thoughts on “Headlights: new functions at Mercedes”

  1. How does it look….
    If not just a single but many cars are equipped with it.B. at … Meet a crossroads, each of their own light show at the front and back? Or in city traffic? Project navidats onto the windscreen is a cool thing, but on the street? And what does this fun cost, even in the event of a repair? Who can still do small exchange repairs without a specialist workshop? Personal conclusion: I don’t like it.

  2. The glaring light light of the LED …
    The vehicle manufacturers should leave the gadgets and make the current vehicles safer. The (supposedly) intelligent high beam of the Nobel bodies does not work. Oncoming vehicles are noticed and departed automatically, but everything else is blinded mercilessly. As a cyclist on left -handed forced cycle paths, often lower than road level, the sensors are not noticed by the sensors. You have to counter -fire with a 3W Cree so that the Benz automatically hints off, because the driver does not do it.

  3. And who should pay for that?
    All great LED headlights are away because none of the light emits can be changed. Example from the ADAC newspaper. Q5 with defective daytime running light LED then made 1050.00 euros in material costs. 6 weeks later followed very headlights on the other side. Thanks. Then use a new light bulb for 1 euro as with our new car for 1 euro. Have fun setting the new headlights. This requires new setting areas that may not be run over. Costs for the adjustment of the old headlights: Service. With the LED lens models it can then be four digits. Who can afford that?

  4. Nobody needs a person
    In modern times like today, 90% of vehicles are equipped with computer technology – they recognize even when the street is smooth. In addition, a lot of cars have warning systems that ring at an outside temperature of 4 ° C and show the driver with the fact that there is a ray of the smoothness.

  5. A good function would be…
    A good function would be an extreme glare of the abruptly crowding back man, which is almost parked in the trunk. I think of a kind of floodlight system with 1 million LEDs.

  6. No more dazzled
    If the behind man treads tight enough, nothing dazzles anymore. Then your own light covers the headlights of the follow -up.

  7. LED
    You can experience it every evening when the front man or woman brakes and stands on the brake in a traffic jam. The LED light is so bright that the driver has to see aside, otherwise it will be blinded. Recently there are lichupe when you are on the brake.

  8. In front…
    Years ago, it was shown by a manufacturer that can be projected on the street, for example, in fog with a exclamation mark by laser behind the vehicle. Find the idea a good solution. But here too it failed because of our bureaucracy.

  9. Great innovations
    Usually you are not necessarily alone on the street (at least in the city) – hopefully this overkill will be automatically deactivated in the rain…. Otherwise it only sees the in front, reflected directly from the wet road to the interior mirror. Oh no, I’m an eternal yesterday – interior mirror automatically dazzled.


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