Hermes supplies more than 300.000 Berlin CO2-neutral

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Hermes supplies more than 300.000 Berlin CO2-neutral-supplies

Whether to the front door or in the package shop – Hermes Germany supplies now more than 300.000 Berliner in SchOneberg, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Tiergarten, Mitte and in the government district Emission-free. The more than 2.5 million shipments per year are delivered via electric transporter or loading wheel. The 79 parcel shops in the relevant districts / districts are part of “Green Delivery Berlin” and are approached CO2-free. Overall, saving through the large-scale use of sustainable vehicles lies with 220 tonnes of CO2 per year, as Hermes announced.

The sustainability concept also serves as a blueprint for further German inner cities – such as Leipzig, Dresden and Erfurt – which should be supplied in the near future also free of emission. The concept in Berlin describes the logistics service provider as a prelude for a green city logistics.

“The city center is now by far the largest contiguous area that supplies Hermes emission-free. For the first time, the interaction of e-mobility, charging infrastructure and hybrid used microhubs worked so well that we can supply a downtown nationwide emission-free.”- Marco Schluter, Chief Operations Officer at Hermes Germany

The emission-free area extends over the urban areas SchOneberg, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Tiergarten, Mitte and the government district. Daily are 28 load wheels and 14 e-transporter in use. Based on three eco-electricity-operated central microhubs, the vehicles go on tour on tour. These small depots are used in cooperation with other companies.

“Numerous pilot projects with loading wheels, microhubs and electric vehicles and close cooperation with the manufacturers in recent years have brought us valuable insights that we bring together now,” explains Coo Schluter. The large-scale emission-free delivery is therefore no more pilot project. Large parts of the city center are now a CO2-free zone for Hermes.

Hermes supplies more than 300.000 Berlin CO2-neutral-hermesHermes

“The Otto Group has long been pursuing a sustainable CR strategy – so we could already reduce our CO2 emissions in the period from 2006 to 2020 by 56 percent. Our goal is to be climatic neutral by 2030 as a complete group, “Kay Schiebur announces, Group Management Board Services of the Otto Group. Hermes Germany contributes a large proportion and invest heavily in the emission-free delivery in Germany. Customers thus also gain the opportunity to actively become active in terms of climate protection in terms of climate-neutral shipment with the choice of the logistics partner.

Blueprint for other cities

Berlin is only the beginning,” Marco Schluter sets his eyes into the future. “As a parcel service provider, we encounter with approaches like these the current challenges of City logistics in Germany and at the same time contribute to more valve inner cities. The large-scale emission-free delivery in the city center is to be a blueprint in order to be followed in the near future other inner cities – as in Dresden, Leipzig and Erfurt – to follow this model.”

The last mile is a highly complex tension field and when placing a completely emission-free delivery, many factors should be considered: In addition to the appropriate vehicles, there is additionally a nationwide charging infrastructure and above all central microhubs – ie small delivery envelope places – which are especially rare in downtown sites and expensive. “We use three centrally located microhubs in Berlin and can start with our load wheels directly in the delivery area”, Pouyan Anvari, Area Manager Berlin at Hermes Germany, insights into the microdepot concept. On the way, the load-wheel drivers can exchange the batteries conveniently. Hermes have a cooperation with Swobbee, an expert for battery change stations. So the deliverers can always access fresh batteries easily.

Cargobikes are an important part of the mobility strategy in the center of Berlin. Due to the low traffic speed and many places for van-locked roads, the loading wheels are even more efficient than conventional transporters in these fields of Hermes. “Especially in the area of the loading wheels, we have tested a lot and, for example, accompanied the Berliner ONO on the way to the market. Of course, we also benefit from this close collaboration, as the ONO loading wheels now make much of our Cargobike fleet in Berlin, “adds Pouyan Anvari. The Cargobikes restore a tour length of six to eight kilometers each and transport around 120 to 130 shipments daily. Due to the central microhubs and the associated short journey paths, the reload is possible.

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    But determined 2050 also with us electric gernes delivery vehicles.
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