High Schedule Network Ionity Looking For Other Investors

High Schedule Network Ionity Looking For Other Investors-high

The evidence of dating that the fast latch network Ionity is looking for new investors. As the news agency Reuters reported to several persons familiar with the matter, Ionity intends to collect a minority stake in order to collect fresh capital of 400 to 500 million euros. The joint venture based by the automakers VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Hyundai and KIA builds and operates Ultrahhoch speed charging stations throughout Europe, has commissioned the French major bank BNP Paribas to support the process. After Easter, non-binding offers should be due, so Reuters.

The interested parties should be financial service providers and investment companies such as Macquarie, EQT, Meridiam, Omers and IFM. With some of them, preliminary talks have already been led. According to an insider, the 400 to 500 million euros are a share of 20 to 25 percent of ionity. In a statement, ionity announced “to be in constant dialogue with its joint venture partners” and “to examine more investment opportunities for the expansion of fast load infrastructure”. Further shareholders for the joint venture are “basically welcome.”

BNP as well as the potential bidders rejected Reuters a statement or were not available immediately. Ionity was founded in 2017 and was originally aimed to build 400 charging parks with an average of six charging points through 2020 through an average of six charging points, to reduce the projection of Teslas rapid lobby supercharger. Ionity currently has a good 340 locations in operation, another 39 are under construction.

Which strategy ionity followed after the first phase of the construction of fast loaders and the further 400 to 500 million euros, is still unclear. According to earlier rumors, ionity plans to create fast loads in cities and less frequented highways. Well possible, that we know more about this after Easter.

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4 thoughts on “High Schedule Network Ionity Looking For Other Investors”

  1. How sweet – first build a super consortium (VW, Audi, Daimler, BMW) – then as quota foreigners still take South Korea to the boat, then do not want to take any money in my hands, but scream for politics and our taxpayers.

    Then then be three and for ad hoc charge € 0.79 tacking and wondering if EnBW shows a middle finger – then even more surprise that the pillars are avoided – and now looking for new investors?
    As stupidly, you can actually be – asks for Andreas Scheuer – maybe the one wants to sink a few billions – best, as long as it is still in office!

    It will then be funny if you put Tesla a lack of profit, though Tesla has built a really well-functioning Super Charger network in parallel to vehicle production – and above all further expanding quickly – without taxpayers.
    That costs hold!!!

    It will be absurd when VW then bends the truth a little at the “Power Day” and represents a little with “Electrify America” as the national pioneer of the USA (yawn!!!), the ZIG million has “invested” in the charging infrastructure of America.

    Not correct:
    That was part of a billion penalty for a certain diesel scandal!

    But in Germany you are champions when it comes to forgeting or denying unpleasant episodes of history or deny.

    Great – Continue so – that creates trust in the customer

  2. Maybe it may be that ionity needs new money because the pillars are avoided because of too expensive? Only Audi or VW new car buyers are likely to start the pillars because they get a free charge cards in the first year and then pay only 33ct / kwh. Otherwise, the things are certainly avoided. The pillars can only count on the capacity utilization and if I demand moon prices, then the well-being or evil lacks.

    Small tip: There is such a difference between combustion and electric car. The burner must sometime in everyday life at the tank even if the fuel price is high. The electric car I put on the socket at home.

  3. You all brings it to the point. And it should also be avoided all ionity loaders. Instead, EnBW should be so well supported so that they can keep the price permanently. Only then can the electric car long extension be suitable.

  4. The “premium shop” of ionity will not go up. No matter how many investors board.
    EnBW does it as it works. The Minister Scheuer is the last hope to throw taxes from the window here. After the mask affair he will be more cautious.


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