Higher E-Auto Purchase Program Environmental Bonus is extended until the end of 2025

Higher E-Auto Purchase Program Environmental Bonus is extended until the end of 2025-purchase

Electromobility has come from the niche now. A large part in Germany, the electric car purchase bonus / environmental bonus introduced five years ago contributes. Since May 2016, buyers of purely battery-powered vehicles receive an electric car purchase bonus of 4.000 Euro, driver of a plug-in hybrid with electric and internal combustion engine receive a premium of 3.000 € when buying your vehicle. Since the 04.11.In 2019, however, it is noted that the amount of the purchase bonus is adapted.

The environmental bonus is carried in each half of the federal government and the participating automakers. Last year, the state doubled its share of the Coronavirus economic power package with the “Innovation Premium”. The latter initiative should be continued by the end of 2025. The Federal Cabinet had retroactively a year ago to 3. June The “Innovation Premium” titled doubling of the buying subsidies decided. The admission numbers – and the associated expenditure – shot in the height almost overnight. Looking at the admission figures shows that from the beginning of June 2020 to the end of May 2021 over 567.000 electric cars were released, in June came again just under 65.000. Comparing this with the period from 2016 to 2019 shows that a total of only 256.000 electric vehicles were admitted.

With increasing sales of the approvals, the costs of grants have also been shot at the height: these summed up from the beginning of June 2020 to the end of June 2021 to a good 1.9 billion euros, as the Federal Office of Economic Office and Export Control responsible for the payment of the grants ( BAFA) in Eschborn on request notified. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier arranges the whole as follows: “Since the introduction of the innovation premium, we see a clear thrust with electromobility. The application numbers continue to record level. In the first half of 2021, more premiums were already used in the first half of 2021. A total of 1.25 billion euros. There will be a record promotion for electric cars this year. Therefore, we have also decided in the coalition to continue the promotion until the end of 2025, so that the market hood of electromobility continues to win.”

The basis for promoting federal and company is the assumption that higher subsidies on the one hand help the German auto industry and on the other hand contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Some professionals and associations reject the high subsidies, including the federal government of taxpayers. It is positive that a criticism has not proved that the grants would benefit mainly foreign manufacturers. Because at the sales figures of battery and plug-in hybrid cars, four German manufacturers are on the first four places this year. Only then follows Renault, as the first foreign manufacturer.

The innovation premium as a doubling of the federal share in the environmental bonus is in accordance with the resolution of the Autogipple in the Federal Chancellery of 17. November 2020 over the year 2021 to 31. December 2025 extended. This extension will take the Federal Ministry of Economics shortly, it says in a message. This decision is welcomed by the Central Association of German Motor Vehicle Trade (ZDK): “It was high time to clear the uncertainty in both automotive trade and consumers,” says ZDK vice-president Thomas Peckruhn.

The ZDK has repeatedly referred to the urgency of the timely extension in the spring both in the BAFA and the Federal Ministry of Economics. Because those who order an E-vehicle today must expect delivery periods that range from 2022. So far, no legal certainty have given whether and which amount is paid the innovation premium. An increase in the funding top is indispensable according to the ZDK, if you want to forward the e-mobility further.

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6 thoughts on “Higher E-Auto Purchase Program Environmental Bonus is extended until the end of 2025”

  1. Such nonsense by the extension of the bonus are thus postponed by the manufacturer by 2025. To accelerate the startup, uniform favorable charging prices (not higher than the household electricity price) would be much more important that everyone would invite everyone with their household current tariff at all public charging columns can best even create a la Tesla charging column automatically recognizes the car with the associated electricity tariff automatically and Loading

  2. Not only the electricity tariff is crucial for the acquisition of an E-car, but also the purchase price. Due to the high investment for the transformation of auto production, there will be no price reductions over the next few years. But only pure E cars are being promoted, otherwise the tax waste is. That at the moment of most automakers
    Only expensive models are offered is clear, so you want to balance your investment costs. In order to advance the e-mobility faster, more cheaper models would also have to be produced, which with the innovation premium then for citizens with lower income
    be feasible and thus the general public benefits. The manufacturer’s share of 3000 € gives
    from the general conditions of the government, which the manufacturers voluntarily did not pay. The framework conditions would also need to include uniform current tariffs in order to advance the e-mobility.

  3. Thanks to the promotion and falling production costs, Eautos with medium battery size are soon expensive or cheaper than burner.

    Then the sales figures will tighten again.

  4. I welcome the decision. Now to support the support of the Early Adopters that are currently emerging would be a bit unfair.

  5. Unfortunately, only another subsidy of manufacturers. The vehicle will not be cheaper for the customer. Best Example Dacia Spring..Verarsche at the expense of all taxpayers. But that’s less and less anyway, so probably does not bother so many.

  6. The doubled environmental premium must give it by 2025, because it is already paying off the increased value added tax revenue of almost twice as expensive electric cars.
    Payment from the household of the Ministry of Transport.No further sealing
    the valuable agricultural land.The wheat price has doubled. .
    Foods are scarce.
    Mau, Risum

    No promotion of hybrid cars
    Increase the CO2
    Delivery in 10 CT steps every year


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