Hing waiting times at the Tesla current memory: Musk owes customers $ 500 million news

The Tesla power wall is a real seller. But the Californians do not come after the orders and are guilty of electricity storage worth over $ 500 million to their customers. In the current quarter, Tesla will not be able to eliminate this emergency.

After the American Tech-Riese Tesla announced at the end of April that he would only sell his electricity memory in connection with the company’s solar systems, the sales of sales were expected. However, as current statements by the Tesla-Coos Elon Musk show in a court hearing, the demand for Powerwall does not seem to have decreased despite the increased price.

As the CNBC reports, Musk has a waiting list of 80.000 ordered Powerwalls spoken. This corresponds to a purchase value of over $ 500 million. In the best case, however, one is capable of 30 in the current quarter.000 to 35.To produce 000 of the ordered energy storage. More is currently not possible because of an expected chip defamation. So thousands of customers have to wait for their order at least into autumn.

In -house electricity can be clearly noticeable in the electricity bill. But solar power can only be used if it is generated directly. Most of the time, consumption in private households is high when the sun does not shine. In such cases, a power storage can help that save electricity in sunshine and, for example, provide them in the evenings. You can read the advantages and disadvantages of such memory here.

If you are currently looking for a electricity memory and do not have the patience to wait several months for the production of your Powerwall, Site can recommend several alternatives. For example, the S10 domestic power plant from E3/DC can convince with a usable storage capacity of 3.3 to 39 kWh. The offers from BYD and LG are definitely worth considering. For detailed reports on the various models, read the guide here.

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