Hitachi and Reue Automotive rely on complete solutions

Hitachi and Reue Automotive rely on complete solutions-reue

Electromobility is not only providing E cars and charging infrastructure, but also a large data topic. The result is a strategic corporate cooperation between Hitachi America and Reue Automotive, whose goal is to develop a scalable data AS-A-Service (DAAS) and Analytics AS-A-Service (AAAs) platform. Such digital solutions should accelerate the change to electromobility.

Like the two companies – both registered in the US – in a press release, plan cooperation at all levels of the electromobility value chain, from the electric car through the charging infrastructure to energy and fleet management. The DAAS and AAAS platform should enable sustainable, networked commercial e-cars. Hitachi‘s Lumada and REE’s strategic platform are to be bundled to offer a fully modular, smart e-auto solution that can be used for all market segments (including delivery, logistics, mobility AS-A service).

“We are very happy about working with REE to accelerate the transition to electromobility globally,” says Hicham Abdessamad, Chairman and CEO of Hitachi America. Both would connect the vision of high scaling of emission-free commercial vehicles. Hitachi on the basis of their commitment to sustainability with a long innovation tradition in the field of energy, mobility, production and digital solutions, Ree with their transformative, innovative access to electromobility and autonomous driving.

The aim of the partnership is to provide data-driven, scalable, sustainable and commercial mobility solutions, which are intended to contribute to a complete networking ecosystem for commercial mobility and transport to achieve climate goals. For Ree Co-founders and CEO Daniel Barel, this alliance comes with Hitachi “the ideal time, as REE appreciates their innovations and expertise in data science and analytics”. You can now offer your customers complete solutions and the world’s leading e-mobility platform. In addition, one benefits from Hitachi’s global distribution network.

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