Honda brings more E cars based on its own electric platform on the street

Honda brings more E cars based on its own electric platform on the street-cars

By 2025, Honda has written to the flag 100 percent of European sales with electrified powertrains. So that this ambitious goal can be achieved, Honda also presents itself. So the Honda E – currently comes with the nickname “Prototype” – as a small fifth door already close at the Geneva automotive salon therefore and will also go into production. But an electric vehicle alone will not be enough to achieve the set destination.

For this reason, Honda wants to take the electric car platform of the Honda E prototype as a base to bring more, small electric cars to the street. The architecture of the first electrical car allows the automobile manufacturer to build e-cars in the A and B segment.

This was confirmed by the project manager of the E prototype, Kohei Hitomi. This gave to understand that the E-platform can be used as a basis for a series of e-cars. It is likely that Honda will style these in similar retro manner like the e-prototype.

Interesting is also the convertibility of the E-car on Honda platform. Because one can probably build a variety of vehicle types on their base. “It can be every car. It can be a sporty car or a box carriage. Personally, I would very welcome a sporty car on this platform, “says Hitomi.

Furthermore, Hitomi gives: “The basic technology is here and our colleagues in the design department think in many directions.”A clear statement that further E cars, next to the Honda E, are planned, there is not yet available from the car manufacturer.

Interestingly, we would find the implementation of the Honda Tomo Concept, which looks even more courageous on first sketches, as the then Honda Urban eV concept. The Honda Tomo concept does not come completely out of the company’s feather. For the Tomo you have joined together with students of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin to work.

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