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Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-meet

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To start the new month directly with an electric car test drive is not so wrong. It would be more beautiful, of course, if the stromer go past me for a few days, but you take what you get. In this case a few hours with the Honda E, the first pure battery electric car from Honda. This was allowed to meet the Honda Academy, in Erlensee, Hesse, for the first time live and in color. And what should I say, I have his optical appearance convinced. Whether the rest was so convincing that you will learn below.

Honda E: born from the Electric Vision 2030 by Honda

In 2016, the company announced that one wool the areas of mobility, robotics and energy solutions in his own focus. Always with the customer’s focus. And e-mobility should also play a crucial role. At the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt, Honda gave to understand: “As part of its electromobility strategy, Honda set itself the goal of equipping two-thirds of all new vehicles sold by 2030 with an electrified drive. In Europe, this goal is to be achieved in 2025.”

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-honda Electric car

On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show 2019, the car manufacturer announced that you would like to achieve up to 2025 100 percent of European sales with electrified powertrains. Say, Honda has held himself a shortened timetable, the volume models of their own company wants to electrify until 2022, as we have to understand us within the framework of the press event at the Honda Academy. Why the shortened schedule is likely to be clear: CO2 fleet values and any resulting penalties are the answer to the question not asked.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-honda Electric car

But in fact this should not be an issue. But was necessary to mention because the Honda E is the first battery electrical vehicle from Honda, which will deposit on the Electric Vision 2030. And just out of this. By the end of 2022, five other electrified models should follow. Another pure battery electrical model is planned – possibly based on the platform of Honda E. There are thus four vehicles. Three we are sure that you come to the road as a hybrid. The fourth could indeed come as plug-in hybrid. There are sometimes no in the portfolio of Honda and the leap from the hybrid to the plug-in hybrid does not appear so far. But until we for the official confirmation of the next electrified vehicle models from Honda it takes a little bit. It is not so hurry to do it then.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-honda Electric car

Standing, on the road they come to all: So Stromber, part-time current and hybrids as members new brand family “E: Technology”, which was launched in October 2019. Under these, all electrified manufacturer’s electrified vehicles should be brought together in the future. But now we focus on the occasion of the trip to the Honda Academy in Erlensee: Honda E.

Honda E: A stromer for the urban environment

Not only in its own electromobility strategy Honda thinks a little different. Even when choosing the segment for the first electric car, the decision did not fall on the world’s popular SUV / Crossover segment. On the contrary, one has decided for a completely different direction. An electric power car should be. This was developed from the ground up new for the modern life in the urban environment, as Kotaro Yamamoto, technical consultants at Honda Engine Europe, to understand.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-frankfurt Honda

He was also emphasizing that Honda E was an integral part of the Honda Electromobility Strategy (“Electric Vision”) for Europe. Yamamoto, as part of the event, to understand that the Honda E was considered as an electric car from 2030 and is brought to the road in 2020 – market launch was in June 2020.

One wanted to give the e-car a regulatory or outlook that is not too distant future. There are also suggestions to “The Internet of Things”, which allow everyday life to experience crosslinked and digital. In the case of the Stromer by a preparation for carsharing, the innovative SCMS camera system (Side Camera Mirror System) – in a later section more – as well as a close shortcut with your own My Honda + smartphone app, which controls the vehicle digitally on many levels power.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-Jet-Parallax Section__Layout Parallax Section__Image Background-Size Honda

However, before we go on technical data for performance, range, and facts, etc., we risk a look at the design of the e-car. Because this has been considered as the technical base on a white sheet of paper.

Striking design in the exterior meets lounge atmosphere in the interior

Yamamoto denotes Honda E as “One of the most emotional vehicles, which Honda has ever built.” Rightly, because you have created a vehicle that is characterized by a timeless, modern design. But that works at the same time friendly and familiar. Incidentally, it also reflects my own feeling when looking at the stromer. On functionality and user-friendliness you have designed the design, but not without the E-car to give its own character through an independent and modern appearance. A appearance that splits the tastes. Or how yamamoto gave to understand:

“You look at it with the heart and not with your head.”

Kotaro Yamamoto, technical consultant at Honda Motor Europe

So he could have right, because an electrician car with such characteristic occurrence, a different approach in terms of range and battery size as well as a price that would also be classified in a higher segment, one can only convince if the heart is 100 percent. But that everyone may decide for themselves.

Striking design with a very own character at the exterior

We prefer to devote ourselves to the design itself. This relies on characteristic LED units in front and rear, as well as a transparent glass cover of the charging port – which is placed in the middle, in the middle, in the lower area of the bonnet. For this you have deliberately decided to be able to identify the Honda E already in the rearview mirror as one. Also succeeds and ensures conversation, as I was allowed to learn when taking up my photos in a parking lot. The ice into e-mobility interested is still broken faster than usual. The LED lighting visible by the cover welcomes the driver as it approaches the vehicle and lights up blue or red when loading when the charging system detects an error.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-frankfurt Honda

Over the vehicle pull clear lines. Front and rear presents himself with flush overhangs, which provide both for more aerodynamic efficiency and a timeless look. In addition, the platform developed specifically for electric vehicles creates the prerequisites for compact proportions, the flat and muscular attitude and the total dynamic appearance of the streamer. The sporty look is reinforced by the exhibited wheel arches, which provide enough space for wide wheels and tires.

Electric car

Electric car

Electric car

The Honda E deserves the Honda Design for a new era of urban mobility, as the company gives to understand. And that does not need to hide. Also not in the interior.

Relaxed atmosphere meets digital life of the year 2030

In the interior, however, it is less dynamic. It is relaxed. Honda has created a lounge atmosphere in the first own battery electrical car, which invites you to switch off. Subtle, modern materials create a relaxing environment for up to four occupants. Due to the generous wheelbase, as well as the battery in the underbody of the vehicle, the space is lifted to the level of the next higher vehicle class. An eye-catcher here is certainly the high-quality seat covers in melange optics, whose substances originate from the furniture and non-automotive industry. Wooden panels and other haptic pleasant materials in modern colors characterize the appearance of the electricity.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-Background-Size Elementor-57961 Elementor element Elementor Electric car

In our test vehicle – a Honda e Advance – of course we have a look at the details and functions offered there. Here, above all, the digital instrument panel stands positively with five displays, which extends over the entire width of the interior, positive. Likewise, retrievable apps and artificial intelligence make driving and stay on board as simple as possible.

Electric car

Electric car

The 8.8-inch TFT instrument indicator placed directly in front of the driver provides all important vehicle information such as energy and charging status, driving mode and details of the security systems. The largest area of the dashboard is two 12,3-inch LCD touchscreens.

Various apps and services can be used through these infotainment screens. Both drivers, as well as passenger. Tap, wipe and use how you are used to it from the smartphone is standard. In addition to the integrated apps, you can also connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android car to the board system, and thus, for example, see social media content, music and other Internet services on the Dual Touchscreens.

Electric car

Electric car

And yes, you have counted properly, two screens are still missing. These are you all outside, left and right. 6 inches large present the displays of the mentioned, innovative SCMS camera system (Side Camera Mirror System). The camera system replaces the conventional side mirrors in Honda E through small-format cameras, which reflect their high-resolution images in real time in the interior.

In the first moment a little getting used to, but certainly convincing. As a driver you have the choice between “normal view” and “wide angle view”. The latter view extends the field of view significantly stronger than with conventional outside mirrors. Tote angles are reduced by around ten percent in the normal view and in the wide-angle view by about 50 percent.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-first Electric car

Who is traveling with the Honda E Advance, who also gets a camera system in the interior mirror. The switch-off system displays images of a central rearview camera in the rearview mirror and increases the safety and comfort, especially when the driver’s view is obscured back through passengers or luggage. Similar principle as the side mirrors, just directed backwards.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-first Electric car

So much to the technical details of the electricity in the interior, which by the way can still be run anyway, but we did not spend so much time with the e-car. But we like to deliver when Honda sends the electric car a little longer with us.

However, I would like to mention the accesses for easy connection and loading of devices available below the center console: including an HDMI port and 12- and 230 V sockets (maximum 1.500 W). In addition, there are two USB ports for the inmates in front and back.

On the way around Frankfurt with the Honda e Advance

The technical data of the Honda e Advance now simply to be remedied and packed in a table would be a simple; For this reason, we decided at least for this event report on the other hand. On this comparison sides Honda E and Honda E Advance you still find this yet. You get these instead – in this case, in this forestry vehicle the Honda e Advance – packed in my subjective travel impressions, my good 40 kilometers long tour around the Honda Academy.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-meet Electric car

In the parking lot of the Academy the Stromer is waiting with its compact dimensions. It shows, for its overall length of 3.895 mm is the vehicle with 1.750 mm relatively wide. Since the battery is deep in the vehicle floor, the focus is only about 50 cm above the road. This has a positive effect on the handling of the vehicle, as well as the weight distribution of 50:50 as well as the short overhangs on front and rear, which guarantee optimal balance from driving stability and agile handling. By the way not only in the promotional prospectus, but also where it counts: on the street.

You can enter the e-car with the key after. Alternatively, from 2021 you can also open the doors with a digital key. Up to five digital keys can be created by the owner of the E-car. For example, to minimize the key search within the family. Before in future carsharing, this type of access opens new possibilities

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-Jet-Parallax Section__Layout Parallax Section__Image Background-Size Electric car

The stromer is powered with an electric motor at the rear of the vehicle, which allows the 154 hp (113 kW) and 315 nm torque directly to the road. This succeeds the sprint from zero to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds. Probably measured in sports driving mode, which contains a more direct acceleration and a faster response to the other driving mode “normal”, the stromer. But the stood was not testing on my plan how fast he sprinted on the 100 km / h; Even if this speed was quite exceeded as part of the test drive. In the meantime, 150 km / h on the digital tacho. Relative to the beginning of the test drive, because the first seven to eight kilometers went directly over the highway, on which the Honda e Advance could prove that he can not only swim in traffic. But also there is electricity when it matters. Of course, at the expense of the range, which sinks correspondingly fast.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-first Honda

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 35.5 kWh battery of the first streamer was pleased when I was on the road, in cities and villages and industrial areas on the road, in cities and villages and industrial areas. There he just feels native, in the urban environment. And there are the 222 km to WLTP cycle completely out. For larger journeys, it is just something with corresponding charging breaks. A little less falls from the reach of the Honda E Advance with the big 17-inch wheels, then reaches up to 210 km to WLTP.

From driving behavior, the electric car can be described as quite athletic, precise, simultaneously controllable and extremely agile. Especially in city traffic, this could convince through his maneuverability, as it was about the one or the other construction site passing by. May also be because the wheel turning circle is just 8.6 meters. By the way, for Honda E, it was not a challenge to add the curves on the highway and to mean by this. Thank the deep focus – thank the battery – he was good on the street.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-meet Honda

In urban traffic, above all, the strength of the recuperation – via pedals behind the steering wheel taxable – to carry. In conjunction with the button in the center console, which switches to one-pedal driving and thus a reinforced recuperation, it is already enough to go from the current pedal to move the Honda E slowly to a standstill.

If he then stands or is he at least ready to park, you can make this from the Honda Parking Pilot (as standard in the Honda e Advance). Almost autonomously, the system helps the driver to first find a suitable parking and then control the car into the parking bay. The system has four cameras and twelve sonar sensors. Cameras recognize the white parking lots, while the sensors measure the actual parking space.

Electric car

Electric car

If such a parking lot is one with a charging station behind, you can connect the stromer for charging. This is loaded by CCS2-DC connection within 30 minutes to 80 percent. Alternatively, the 35.5 kWh battery can also be charged with a type 2 AC port. At 6.6 kW charging power, complete loading takes 100 percent to a 7.4 kW AC charging system (public charging column) 4.1 hours. At a 2.3 kW AC charging system (household socket) 18.8 hours. Not unmentioned should one let the fact that Honda E will also be prepared for the “Vehicle-to-Grid” technology (V2G).

Electric car

Electric car

Up to 2.000 This stromer should be discontinued 2020. Not so unlikely, considering the overall package. Personally, I was convinced of the first impression of the first work of Honda. But I’m also looking forward to seeing a little longer for me to look at him even more detailed.

Honda E: First of all meet in Frankfurt-frankfurt Honda

Honda has been invited to a first get to know the Honda E in Frankfurt and acquired travel expenses for this. However, this has no influence on my written honest opinion written here.

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  1. @ Sebastian: Thanks for the detailed “short trip” report. You wrote in there u.a.: “… Alternatively, the 35.5 kWh battery can also be charged with a type 2 AC port. At 6.6 kW charging power, complete loading takes 100 percent to a 7.4 kW AC charging system (public charging column) 4.1 hours.”
    In the above text please pay the missing charging time for 6.6 kW!

    Two critical points on the “Honda E” I see as “since-> 7-year-eV driver” already:
    1) A front loader valve (“nasal loader”) makes sense, but it is much too far open up and thus exposed to the rain and
    2) The AC-1 phase slope is a clear wrong decision for the EU: There is a 3-phase / 11 kW loader (at least GG. Surcharge!) pure. Many * existing * house connections in -d- can be LT. Upgrade network operator to no more than 3x 16 A (= 11 kW) or upgrade. Do not allow greater inclination as 6.6 kW, often even less!

  2. Sebastian says:
    “You answered the charging time with 6.6 kW already in your point 2.”Sorry, then I misunderstood the sentence!
    “In terms of the loading flap I asked at Honda, snow, rain, water, etc … […] nothing happens.”
    thank you! – I like (despite / because? Electronics Studies) Nevertheless, no wet plugs touch …%]

  3. These are the first walks of “purely electrical” at Honda. You start where Renault was 10 years ago. The next step also goes to the larger battery.


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