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The Honda-E should be one of the most discussed electric cars this year. why? Because it is so completely different. As a competitor, he joins the Mini Electric and does so much better. But Honda decided on his car designed for the city for a lean range – a mistake, we find.

Ball-round eyes instead of fashionable light slots, no exterior mirrors and a display that extends over the entire inside of the dashboard: the Honda-e is a car of the extraordinary. Retro-chic on the outside, inside the finest technology. The price of our test car, the Honda-e Advance: 38.000 euros. Without Advance, i.e. only 136 instead of 154 hp, you pay at least 33.850 euros. This is not a cardboard stick for a small car and shows that the gnome does not want to record it with a smart forfour or VW e-up, but rather with a mini electric as an immediate competitor. And he succeeds very well. So good that he passes the mini. But there are also places where the Honda-e has to springs. For example, at the range at the pace beyond the 100 km

Honda-e outside: Retro style not for everyone’s taste

Let’s stay with the exterior first: The look from the Honda-e separates the spirits. Some find him cool, the others ugly and some reminds you of Kindchen-Scheme. In fact, the Honda-e looks like a concept car and that makes it special. The round LEDs at the front, which circle in the key pressure, look cute. The same applies to the back. This is so different from the cool LED slots of the current cars, whether with or without e. The length of almost 4 meters (exactly the 3.894 meters) is not seen – the dwarf from Japan looks shorter.

What are striking are the door levers of the front doors that pop out when they approach the key to the rear doors or the camera fumes that replace the exterior mirrors with the key. The latter may be dismissed as a gimmick, but a reduced wind resistance speaks for these stubs and thus less power consumption.

Honda -e in the test: Everything is different on this fun mobile - news-honda
Moritz Diethelm Honda-e in the test: everything is different on this fun mobile

Honda-e interior: That has never been!

And then we would already be with the interior: the digital mirrors are scheduled to the left and right of the dashboard. In addition to better aerodynamics, there is also an argument for this type of mirror: they should reduce the dead angle by 50 percent. In fact, when we get used to it, we are surprisingly light – lighter than with the Audi e -tron. In contrast, the middle mirror. He is also digital and delivers a picture from one of the rear cameras. It looks like you have an unusual glasses. In addition, the rear window reflects in the mirror – which is confused on top. It’s a good thing that Honda gives the customer the opportunity to switch to an analog image with a lever, but which is very dark – a tribute of the camera technology. In short, Honda just reached too deep into his gimmick box, an analog mirror would have done it wonderfully.

But so far not enough of the interior, because there is so much to discover here. The interior is perfectly thought out and full of ingenious small storage compartments and functions. There is no gear tunnel, so that, for example, the floor surface in the rear is as continuous as the bench. The processing with its wooden elements and the chic cushion is phenomenal for a small car, the panorama roof (which cannot be opened, however), is a feast of eyes.

The biggest attraction inside is probably the display that extends to the passenger. It is divided into several compartments and even right before the passenger door there are still menu items for tapping. But how do you get to them as a driver? For this purpose, Honda installed a switch key in the left and right menu block. So you can switch the menu blocks. If you have internalized yourself which functions can be found where, you quickly get the touchpoints in range within reach. Apart from that, you can set different views in the large display parts, for example on a display navigation, to the other music or consumption values. And if you like it all smoothly, just hire an aquarium display. Then virtual fish bubble through their Honda-e. Crazy.

In addition to the digital fittings, there are also a lot of haptic controllers, for example a volume control, installed entirely old school as a turntable on the wooden dashboard. With the heated steering wheel (only in the Advance Edition) and its functions, we quickly passed the testers, which does not require rocket science. The cushions look chic, functional and gave us a good hold.

Connections en masse and even with Schuko!

There is a crazy diversity in terms of connections: In addition to four (!) USB connections (two front, two back) you can even find an HDMI connection, on which you can connect your laptop, for example, and to reflect the screen on the car display. And even a Schuko socket can be found in the Honda-E-provided you have the Advance version. So if you are in a hurry in the morning, you can get your hairstone there. So we came up with the idea of operating the Honda-e together with a connected project as a car cinema. Read the incredible story of our tester Moritz Diethelm here:

Best parking assistance far and wide

A rarity among the small cars is the variety of sensors and assistance systems that the Honda-E has to offer. Adaptive cruise control with traffic sign recognition, speech recognition over "Ok honda", Collision warning system with pedestrian detection, active tracking assistant – everything in it. If you treat yourself to the Honda-e Advance, you will also get a park assistant who impresses us: the Honda e independently squeezes into every little gap when parking parallel parking in the city. On the other hand, the Honda-e fails on unmarked hiking parking spaces.

What we miss: Frunk, medium armrest, inductive charging…

With all the enthusiasm, however, we also have to criticize a little: we miss a center armrest and inductive charging of smartphones, the Honda-E can only offer four pieces, and the trunk is a joke with 171 liters. In addition, it is crippled by a cover and is already very occupied with the power supplies. There is no extra compartment for the cables away from a small recess below the trunk floor. So if you want to make a weekly shopping from Aldi with the Honda-E, you will not get around it to fold the undeveloped backrest every time.

Honda -e in the test: Everything is different on this fun mobile - news-honda
Moritz Diethelm Honda-e in the test: everything is different on this fun mobile

Honda-e: Light and shadow with the range, joy when charging

We come to the probably greatest malus at the Honda -e – the reach. With a battery with 35.5 kWh, we would have expected more than what the test showed. First the endurance test on the highway with a constant 130 km/h at a 20 degree interior temperature and 2 degrees outside room temperature: Here the little one came just 99 kilometers far. Then we pumped 31 kWh in. Seen in 100 kilometers this is a violent consumption. However: The Honda-E is designed for the city, Honda did not plan to turn it on to customers who are often on the highway. In the city, the balance sheet looks different. Here we have a power consumption of around 14 kWh per 100 kilometers and thus come twice as far as on the highway: 220 kilometers. The Honda-E needs about 19 kWh over land and manages to a range of 180 kilometers. Ergo: If you buy the Honda-e, you should not strive for speeds beyond the 100 km/h, because then the range sinks rapidly!

The city car can be loaded in numerous species, be it simply via the Schukostecker, via type 2 or CCS up to a maximum of 50 kWh. Find a quick loader from 10 to 80 percent around half an hour, on the single -phase Wallbox 32A (7.4 kW) with type 2 plugs around 5 hours.

It is interesting where Honda has attached the connection to the car: not on the side, not head -on in the grill, no: top of the bonnet. Open the flap conveniently via the key. It remains to be seen whether it works so well even in winter with a lot of snow or ice rain. While the plug is stuck, the flap can be protected with a hood in adverse weather. In the video you can see what our tester almost failed when stiling. So much can be revealed: Honda could have solved much better and very easily.

Honda-e: The rear-wheel drive puts a lot of fun

Why not rear drive?, Honda thought – and was the right one. Because the Honda-e differs from almost all small cars. With the Advance model and its 154 hp, including 315 nm, we fully in a good mood, perfectly even through tight curves and roundabouts. Thanks to the electricity, that works really well with such a small car. And if you like it even more out of town, turn on the sports mode, which then pushes the Honda from 0 to 50 km/h in 4.5 seconds. There is also a feeling in the curves as if you are always very close to the drifts. There is also a wonderfully tight turning circle of 9.2 meters, which is extremely useful, especially in parked streets.

A small button in the center console shows a foot on a pedal-you can activate the one-pedal driving. And that works out with the Honda-E, just to really get a standstill, you still have to press the brake pedal, otherwise you can dose the speed in the accelerator pedal. It’s a shame that you have to press the one-pedal button again after every restart of the car.

Our conclusion: Extraordinary city fun mobile for thick budgets

The Honda-e is so extraordinary that we find an 08/15 conclusion difficult here. Let’s put it this way: The Honda-E is not a car for the Ottonormal consumer who wants a good price-performance ratio. Because for that the 38.000 small cars despite the equipment mass the large extent. Rather, it is the ideal city car for everyone who wants to notice that also demand nonplusultra equipment in their small car and also insist on a lively driving pleasure. We would have had a somewhat slimmed-down variant from Honda without the many high-tech burning, but with rear-wheel drive in a price range of about 25.000 euros desired. But that’s how the Honda-e remains an extraordinary small car for thick budgets.

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