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Honda E: Progress: with renewable energy cheapest shop-progress

Not only the electrification plans at Honda are accelerated, but also a merger of all electrified products under the new brand family “E: Technology” takes place, as we reported in October 2019. At the beginning of March 2020, Honda with “E: Progress” brings another brand and service to the dissemination of e-mobility to the start. This should come 2020 on the market.

E: Progress: Intelligent Loading and save money

Behind E: Progress hides an intelligent charger, an intelligent tariff and an intelligent charging control system to enable an optimal loading experience for E motorists. The intelligent tariff will be the first flexible energy contract, which is specifically tailored to the owners of electric vehicles in Europe and optimized the use of electricity from renewable energies, including solar energy, wind and hydropower. Furthermore, the newly created service of Honda also allows charging for the most cost-effective date in relation to network demand.

“The introduction of E: PROGRESS is an important milestone for Honda in the development of our energy management business here in Europe, which summarizes all our work previous work to provide real added value for owners of electric vehicles.”- Jorgen Pluym, Project Manager for Energy Management at Honda Engine Europe

Pluym also gives understanding that this is the first step Hondas to a service business model in the energy sector. It was obliged to continue to invest in this area within the scope of electrification and broad introduction of electric vehicles. Honda will offer the new service in cooperation with the specialist in intelligent loading and aggregation procedures Moixa and the leading European energy supplier Vattenfall.

E: Progress relies on intelligent interaction of Moixa, Vattenfall and Honda

It allows Moixas to set the preferred parameters for the minimum load state via a smartphone app via its GridShare “Smart Charge” system, whereby the system takes the loading. The power supply is offered by Vattenfall with a flexible “Time of Use” tariff, which costs less energy at certain times than a solid tariff. By combining these influencing factors, it becomes possible to charge the electric car according to a schedule that optimally uses the most affordable and cleanest available energy.

The preferred hardware solution (intelligent charger) for the new service is the Power Charger of Honda, a charging station for home, which charges a Honda E from zero to 100% capacity of a 32-amp power supply in just over four hours, Faster than a normal household socket. It should also be noted that E: Progress also supports the network through active network management to effectively stabilize demand and optimize the use of renewable energies. The service also has a positive effect on Honda, as this supports the CO2 reduction targets in accordance with the vision of the company for 2030.

Hondas Power Charger will be launched in conjunction with the first customer deliveries of Honda E this summer, with full E: progress service will go into operation within the year 2020. The new service will initially be available in the United Kingdom, Germany and other European countries will follow.

Loading concept not only for Honda drivers interesting

The threesome consisting of the Austrian companies Instadrive, GO-E and AWATTAR offers a similar charging concept. This not only allows for comparatively reasonable prices to drive e-car, but also make money. The own car is also loaded, free of charge!

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  1. Unfortunately many announcements with little facts in this article. I invite my Zoe, if necessary in exceptional cases at home or on the way in 2.5 hours also with my photovoltaic system completely! I do not need a “intelligent” charging system of a large provider, which needs over 4 hours.

  2. Who wants to have the whole thing today, for every e vehicle, should be just at q.Look over Cells Energy. Exchange trip prices for end customers and the loaded box speaks via the Internet directly with the intelligent counter.

  3. … to enable an optimal loading experience for E motorists ..

    If I read such stupid sayings, I ask myself if there are really people falling on something like that.

    My “load experience” is to put the plug in pure and to pull again at full message.

  4. Proper Peter your last sentence. I do that too. If you want to make money with a PV system, you just have to go on and off at the right moment. There is no expensive control. I would be interested in how much M2 solar area you have? When the sky covered, I slowly invite 220 volts, so that everything really comes from the roof and not even more expensive tag stream comes from the smatometer.


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