Honda is open to alliances to make electrification profitable

Honda is open to alliances to make electrification profitable-honda

Honda wants to sell climate-neutral vehicles from 2040, be it by battery or hydrogen as a drive. This was announced by the new Honda President Toshihiro Mube with a presentation of the Japanese manufacturer. To get the way there faster, Honda is open to form new alliances to make the electrification profitable.

Toshihiro Mube, CEO of Honda Motor Co., For this purpose, “If Honda can achieve that earlier, what it should strive, then we would be willing to make an alliance.”According to Reuters, the comment of the HONDA CEO Zeiegle reflects the pressure on the global automotive industry. This can lead to open alliances to share technologies and costs to breastfeed demand on the market for clean vehicles. Honda itself has entered into a corresponding partnership with General Motors (GM).

The first electric car from Honda, which builds on the Ultium platform of cooperation partner General Motors, should name prologue and go to the end of 2024. The Japanese automaker now officially shared with. The Elektro-SUV is considered a starting signal for the project of Honda, in the USA from the year 2040 only pure electric cars for sale. The long-term goal: worldwide climate neutrality by 2050. The two companies already work together on autonomous vehicles as well as on technology for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and explore other ways to expand their alliance.

“The construction of an alliance will take a big direction to increase the number of electric vehicles, considering that the electrification is not feasible at the moment,” MIBE added. The company will use the electrification as an opportunity to revise its product range and improve profitability, so the CEO of the automotive manufacturer.

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6 thoughts on “Honda is open to alliances to make electrification profitable”

  1. Yes Honda, especially hydrogen!
    If certainly no BEV is buying, loading is so complicated, especially at our home, I’ll come home and has to put the heavy unwieldy cable into my car, then maybe on the wallbox set excess charge.

    Petrol stations are such a much better place, every day a surprise we much expensive the fuel became, this dependence on opaque companies (oil multis) makes life exciting.
    Thanks again (Honda, BMW and all who can not deliver anything) for the prospect at some point to refuel hydrogen …

  2. You are open as much as it was as much as it was nothing and trembling around our future, please buy us the stinker division.
    My feeling will be Honda one of the first manufacturers for a takeover or bankruptcy.
    The motorcycle business may still run, but with increasing driving bans the cracakers (finally) will disappear from our streets

  3. Honda has now ventilated from the wormhouse now, but it concerns all the Japanese manufacturers: you have the electromobility simply sleepy. But it was not set to hydrogen but consistently that the internal combustion engine remains. The most difficult will not be transferred from Honda, but at Toyota because they believed for too long to the hybrid.

    Now Honda comes with the verbal revelation. But it’s a bit late: the MEB has developed VW from 2015, Porsche the Mission E from 2013. There are somehow missing six years that the competition leads ahead.

  4. Of course, Honda could also “just” miss an adequate charging curve for the Honda E and lower the prices in a justifiable area. Then the car would sell much better.

  5. Haha, “Honda is open to alliances”.
    Remains those other options?

    Many traditional manufacturers will have to work together for the coming years or even fusing to survive at all. The fusion between FCA and PSA to Stellantis was not a luxury but necessary.

  6. Honda has never been open but the new situation forces the Japanese to steps that you should preserve before the downfall.
    Honda no longer needs society.
    Market share automobile in Germany only at 0.2 percent.
    Many who had built on Honda were disappointed.
    This concerns customers dealers and employees.
    More and more traders say goodbye Honda go to Hyundai, Seat or his identical.
    There is no one in the opposite yet.
    Who the comments of the employees of Honda on Kununu.COM can let if the comments were drawn the positive to leave not quite under going to fully pull where Honda actually stands.
    Also on Trustpilot under Honda UK I would like to desperate Europe central to read frightening.
    Why I write Honda small because you have not earned respect.


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