Honda: Only e-cars from 2040, completely clinical neutral from 2050

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Honda: Only e-cars from 2040, completely clinical neutral from 2050-only

Honda wants to sell climate-neutral vehicles from 2040, be it by battery or hydrogen as a drive. This was announced by the new Honda President Toshihiro Mube with a presentation of the Japanese manufacturer. By 2050, the entire Group is intended to operate climate-neutral. For the project, Honda has set up some intermediate objectives: by 2030, for example, electrical and hydrogen cars in China and the US should make a share of 40 percent of all sales, until 2035 it should be 80 percent.

“These are challenging goals, and to achieve them, we have to make a common effort in our entire value chain,” said Mibe, who has forwarded the Japanese manufacturer for a few weeks. Honda focuses on its plan on three pillars: CO2 neutrality, renewable energies, circular economy. This applies to the entire motorcycle and automobile palette. Even in stationary battery storage, Honda wants to invest.

From a local point of view, however, is amazing that MIBE Europe mentioned in its presentation with no word. It looks like Honda in Europe only sell products produced in and for other markets, especially since the Japanese manufacturer has sold his work in Swindon in the UK and wants to finish production in July 2021.

First GMS ultium, then a separate Honda platform

With its North American partner General Motors, Honda currently develop two large electric car models, which should build the ultium batteries on the Ultium platform of GM together with the Ultium platform. The two models should go for sale in 2024, one as a Honda model and the second as a model of performance offshoot acura. From the second half of the 2020s, Honda wants to launch a number of new e-auto models, which are supposed to stand on the E: Architecture, a completely new electric car platform developed by Honda itself. These E models should first be introduced on the North American market and then in other regions of the world, which is likely to count Europe’s likely.

In China, Honda wants to push more on the tube and use its existing local resources to introduce ten new e-models of the Honda brand within five years. The first new China Stromer should be based on Honda SUV E: Prototype and go to sale in the spring of 2022. In China, Honda wants to strengthen cooperation with its battery partner Catl for its e-auto strategy. From the second half of the decade, Honda expects to switch to solid-state batteries in battery technology, which should realize a high capacity at low cost. For this, the manufacturer wants to strengthen development and research capacities in Japan.
Honda: Only e-cars from 2040, completely clinical neutral from 2050-hondaHonda

For further expansion of renewable energies, Honda also wants to promote the use of hydrogen proactively, as well as the introduction of CO2 neutral fuels accelerate in areas where the electrification is difficult, z.B. For aircraft. In addition, the Group wants to explore efficient possibilities for reuse and recycling batteries and all other materials necessary for vehicle construction. In the future, Honda only develop products that consist of 100 percent of sustainable materials.

Two wheels should also be electrically

Honda, according to Honda, wants to endeavor to lead the motorcycle industry with its sustainability initiatives with one approach that includes not only the electrification, but also improving fuel efficiency of gasoline engines, the use of biofuels and other strategies. For example, by looking at the battery separated from the motorcycle: Honda plans mibe for its two-wheelers in industrialized countries the construction of a nationwide network on battery change stations. The “Mobile Power Pack” mentioned battery packs are to be made compatible with electric vehicles from other manufacturers to increase the comfort for users and on the other hand to make the whole profitable with scales.

Honda: Only e-cars from 2040, completely clinical neutral from 2050-onlyHonda

For this purpose, Honda had already established a consortium with other motorcycle manufacturers from Japan and Europe to develop the technology standards for the replaceable batteries. Honda also has to expand the vision, mobile power pack applications beyond motorcycles on products for power supply and micromobility. By 2024, Honda wants to introduce three new electric scooters and motorcycles in the two-wheeled classes below 125ccm.

Also up to 2050 Honda wants to realize the Vision Zero – a mobility without accidents and traffic. Both for automobiles and motorcycles. The latter are hardly surprising – the biggest challenge.

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