Honda Ridgeline eV Concept – Competition to Tesla Cybertruck

Honda Ridgeline eV Concept - Competition to Tesla Cybertruck-tesla

The revelation of the Tesla Cybertruck has caused a stir. Languagelessness made partly due to the say very unusual design wide. A design, which also uses to please. The same applies probably for the Honda Ridgeline eV Concept by Designer Rene Garcia.

This still works a whole trace of solid, beefy and better prepared for the challenges of everyday life, as the cybertruck of Tesla. Designed was the Stromer of Rene Garcia, which works as a concept designer at ILM and previously worked on the Mandalorian, Thor: Ragnarok, The Avengers and Transformers-Anthology. His idea has begun for the concept vehicle with Dakar-Rallye trucks in mind. Piece for piece has developed the concept towards a conceptual pickup truck for Honda.

Honda Ridgeline eV Concept - Competition to Tesla Cybertruck-competitionRene Garcia

The e-car was developed by Garcia to handle pretty much everything you put in the way. The e-concept has its own wind hook on the front, a frunk behind it, rear-murder-style rear-minded door, which enable access to the spacious interior and an expandable loading area on the back, which is even equipped with tools and medical emergency equipment.

An outstanding feature of the vehicle design is the use of cavities. Although the ridgeline is powerful, but the negative spaces in his design contribute to reducing its volume and still look like a chiseled, common machine. Two cutouts in the bonnet release the view of the shock absorbers, while the doors are equipped with two windows – one on the top and solid windows near the legs, so that the sunlight can penetrate.

Honda Ridgeline eV Concept - Competition to Tesla Cybertruck-hondaRene Garcia

The EV concept was built on a skateboard platform, which has front and rear motors. In the middle a relatively large battery pack is installed. Loading is over the front. But not only to convince the exterior of the electricity knows. Inside, the Tesla Cybertruck is also competing. The dashboard on the front has a fairly wide single screen that covers the entire field of view from left to right. Side cameras feed the video material directly into the dashboard, and a reversing camera sends your image to a recirculation display in the upper area.

Honda Ridgeline eV Concept - Competition to Tesla Cybertruck-conceptRene Garcia

The rear seats have their own entertainment systems, with interactive displays integrated into the backs of the front seats. In addition, the seats can be folded completely and the back seat opens to a really comfortable bed if you want to raise your bearing somewhere.

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