Honda SUV E: Prototype: 2022 in China, from 2023 available in Europe

Honda SUV E: Prototype: 2022 in China, from 2023 available in Europe-2023

Honda goes more, important steps towards e-mobility. Started with the series version of the Honda SUV E: Prototype, which has recently been presented on the car Shanghai 2021 as a concept. In 2022, this should already be on the road in China, from 2023 this is supposed to be introduced in Europe. Building on the same platform as the Honda-E, the Honda SUV E: Prototype is slightly modified.

At the Honda-E, the first electric car of the brand, the Japanese went a bold path – and missed the E-small car a sympathetic retro look in the styles of the first Civic generations of the 1970s and 1980s. Of this one turned away in a little visually a little and beats more modern design paths. The SUV based on Honda-E drops bigger and comes with more space in the stern.

For China and Europe, however, there are probably two different E-SUV, based on the Honda SUV E: Prototype. “While the study from Shanghai rolls exclusively to the Chinese retailers in almost unchanged appearance from spring 2022, the E-SUV will only lean on the study for the other markets such as Europe and the United States and not the formative design of the little Honda E take over, so the car engine and sport in your current article.

At least in the interior you can expect a design near the Honda-E. Thus, the fully digital cockpit with five monitors is nothing in the way. Furthermore, however, you should set yourself on changes in Puncto Reach. Changes to the positive. Because the E-SUV is to get a larger battery than the Honda-E, which has a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, with a range of 220 km. The current current is powered by a rear electromotor with either 136 or 154 hp. Probably it remains with the pure rear wheel drive for the SUV.

Later, Honda in cooperation with GM still brings two more electrical models to the start. The two models should go for sale in 2024, one as a Honda model and the second as a model of performance offshoot acura. From the second half of the 2020s, Honda wants to launch a number of new e-auto models, which are supposed to stand on the E: Architecture, a completely new electric car platform developed by Honda itself.

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