Honda works with SES to lithium metal batteries

Honda works with SES to lithium metal batteries-honda

The automaker Honda has announced to have already signed a joint development agreement in the area of lithiummetal batteries with the battery developer SES (formerly Solidergy Systems) last December. Lithium-Metal batteries are expected to achieve a higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries, which usually use materials on carbon base for the anode.

Qichao Hu, founder and CEO of SES, had already announced in the past summer that the batteries of his company on a cell level should reach an energy density of 400 Wh / kg / kg. Honda joins a ridge of some high-caliber investors and SES development partners: with General Motors and Hyundai Kia the battery developer is already connected.

In addition, the Boston-based US company SES plans to write down a merger with a special purpose (SPAC) on the New York Stock Exchange Nyse. Honda wants to acquire about two percent of the SES shares as part of the IPO.

The battery is electric cars with the most decisive component. Honda, which wants to accelerate the electrification of its vehicles on a global basis, has examined several options for the next generation batteries, including solid-state batteries, which the automaker develops independently. The Joint Development Agreement with SES is part of the entire Honda battery strategy. The automaker and SES now want to operate joint research on realization of safe, durable and high-performance e-auto-generation electric batteries.

Shinji Aoyama, Managing Executive Officer at Honda and responsible for the electrification of the vehicle portfolio, says that the new partnership with SES should not have been the last of this kind: “Honda will continue to build cooperation relations with companies that have advanced technologies if required, In order to offer our customers high-competitive and attractive electric vehicles “, Aoyama is quoted in a recent communication of the manufacturer. Currently, Honda should stand shortly before completion of a cooperation with the leading battery company LG Energy Solution and consider the construction of a common battery factory in the USA.

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3 thoughts on “Honda works with SES to lithium metal batteries”

  1. If Honda wanted to accelerate the “electrification of his vehicles”, then they would bring a model maintenance of the “E”, with a larger battery and contemporary charging technology (3-phase AC and min. 80 kW dc). And now and not only in five years.

  2. Higher energy densities are good, because this with e-trucks the battery weight decreases and thus the advantages of fuel cell and H2 tanks in road freight traffic.

    For e-cars, I’m rather for small vehicles and smaller batteries. If the batteries become smaller, lighter and probably cheaper, then hopefully they are increasingly small and inexpensive e-cars.

    Personally, I find the covered, car-like and very resource-conserving pedelecs with mini battery and solar cells on the roof ideal and also completely sufficient for the cities of the future.


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