Hondas E-SUV Prologue is already 7027.Sell 000 times

Hondas E-SUV Prologue is already 7027.Sell 000 times-sell

The first electric car from Honda, which builds on the Ultium platform of cooperation partner General Motors, should name prologue and go to the end of 2024. Already in the introductory year, the Japanese brand pages an annual sales target of 70.000 vehicles on. Supported by other, upcoming electric vehicles, Honda wants by 2030 by the 500.Sell 000 units per year.

The Elektro-SUV is considered a starting signal for the project of Honda, in the USA from the year 2040 only pure electric cars for sale. The long-term goal: worldwide climate neutrality by 2050. This vision provides that the proportion of battery electrical and fuel cell powered electric vehicles in North America increased from 40% in 2030 and 80% in 2035 to 100 in 2040.The automobile manufacturer is to be understood that the initial sales targets for emission-free vehicles of 40% by 2030 depend on a fair and fair access to state and federal e-auto incentives to encourage American consumers to buy electric vehicles “. Honda has prompted the congress to ensure that all vehicles manufactured in America are treated equally.

More detailed details on the new vehicle will gradually publish the manufacturer in the coming months. So far, it is merely notes that the prologue should first be sold regionally. With focus on the e-car friendly states of America. The manufacturer assumes that these regions will make up the majority of sales due to higher customer acceptance and regulatory requirements due to higher customer acceptance and regulatory requirements. Step by step, you will then expand sales activities in other states.

Honda also plans to launch a completely own, new series of e-auto models from the second half of the decade, which is based on the new E: architecture that developed Honda itself. Previously, it is already planned to equip current core models with hybrid systems to reduce the CO2 emissions of the new car fleet without pure E cars.

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  1. It is laughable, a raised sales number three years to post from market launch. They should first produce and then stop back, the competitors do not sleep so long.


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