Hopium Machina: Hydrogen alternative to Tesla Model S

Hopium Machina: Hydrogen alternative to Tesla Model S-hydrogen

The French Startup Hydrogen Motive Company (HMC) with its autosparte Hopium does not look forward to seeing a healthy self-confidence in the market. The company was founded by the French racer Olivier Lombard, whose family operates Pariser Variete Moulin Rouge. The aim is to start from 2024 with a hydrogen race car at the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Furthermore, the French have reached the prototype stage with the fuel cell sedan Hopium Machina. The first digital prototype could be seen in the fall of 2020. Now a first mobile prototype was presented and the order books for this open. The hydrogen stream is led as “Alpha 0”. The end is that this prototype contributes its part to certify the reliability of the fuel cell system. Incidentally, this system will allow the series Machina, with a single tank filling over 1.000 km to drive, with a three-minute refueling time. In addition, over 500 hp are available and a maximum speed of 228 km / h (adapted by editors) reached.

Hopium Machina: Hydrogen alternative to Tesla Model S-hopium

The design of the fuel cell strainer presents itself extremely simply, but may well alive until the started market start in 2026. According to the company, the implementation of the various components in the vehicle followed in the development process on a design and architectural phase, then the evaluation by test bench and route tests.

Hopium takes a maximum of 1.000 pre-orders, where everyone costs 410 euros. A more detailed presentation plans the company for the first quarter 2022. The question of whether the hydrogen strainer can record it with the Tesla Model S Plaid shall then be answered at the latest with the series variant of the vehicle.

Hopium Machina: Hydrogen alternative to Tesla Model S-model

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11 thoughts on “Hopium Machina: Hydrogen alternative to Tesla Model S”

  1. The company will also remember how far and stony the path of prototype is for series production – (see Nikola, Lordstown, Rivian and Lucid) Good luck !!!

    Retreat with H2 3 minutes and a top speed of 146kmh?
    I hope this is a misprint – and good luck in the search of a H2 gas station outside of Germany &# 128521;

  2. Well, Le-Mans at a top speed, 25km / h slower than the Opel Ampera from 2012 has made electrically? Sounds really “interesting”! 1000km? possible. The problem will be the first kilometer in customer hand, if he is at all as far as the price is always. The giant grille makes natural impression &# 128512;

  3. For me, only the question arises what the good piece costs? A Tesla S with 670 hp is available for 87000 euros. You can not be a lot of trail. Lucid Air is available soon. Rein from the performance will be difficult. Only point is the range. Ah, the weight and the battery would still be interesting.

  4. Well, the model S is likely to be dangerous to the rumpler droplet car. Because who buys 2022 a car from 2012 new? Otherwise, the hydrogen car has no chance. For this, the electric vehicles are already too good.

  5. Finally a H2 car. Great idea great prototype. Therefore, there is nothing: there is nothing and if there is something that is very unlikely, then there is no fuel. But something pr, some clippings are already worth something.

  6. You always have to hope you have to have fueled two vehicles that are not direk tvorher. Otherwise it was with, 3 minutes’. The pressure on 1.000 bar build on alone already 10-15 minutes ..
    Modern hydrogen tank stations create 50 cars in 24 hours. Please calculate the average service life ..

  7. I have just read, the imaginary market launch is only 2026.
    Well, let’s see if Tesla has not finished the 4680 cell until then and which Changen this car can still have ..

  8. It should be interesting how much space in the car is still left, if there are several H2 tanks housed in 1.000 km far to come. It would have to. 10 kg H2 in the tanks place.


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