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If you want to heat the water using your solar system, a photovoltaic system is clearly the wrong choice. The solar thermal energy is responsible for the production of hot water, whereas the photovoltaic system is used for energy extraction.

Hot water with the solar system – that’s why a solar thermal energy is worthwhile

The principle of solar thermal energy, which you can use both for the production of hot water and heating, is actually quite simple. But as so often in life, the simplest things are by no means the worst – quite the contrary.

  • For heating the water, not inconsiderable costs often arise, which you significantly reduce with a solar thermal system, at least in the sunny months. After all, there is a rich saving of around 80 percent during summer. Think about how often you use warm water, the savings will probably quickly come together to form a handsome sum.

  • In the rather dark months, the balance sheet is not quite as sparkling, which is all the more regrettable, because especially on cold days, many like to stay a little longer under the warm shower. But still, even in the winter months, the savings of solar thermal energy are still around 20 percent.

  • Therefore, a solar thermal system can definitely profit. As a rule, it takes around ten years for the solar thermal to be amortized. Take care of the system and pay attention to regular maintenance of the solar system, there is justified hope that the solar thermal energy will last 30 years. This may make a full profit, especially because the electricity prices are happily increasing and an end is not yet in sight. And a lot of energy is used for heating the domestic water.

Hot water with a solar system: This is how it works - news-news
Vissmann Hot water with solar system: This is how it works

Creation of hot water with the solar thermal system – that’s how it works

The solar thermal system consists of not too many parts. In addition to the solar collectors, the central control unit, the buffer memory, the closed tube circle, the controller and the solar pumps include.

  • The optimal alignment of the solar modules is important for the highest possible benefit in the solar thermal system, just like in the photovoltaic system. The sun’s rays, which are on the solar collectors, are absorbed and converted into thermal energy. The more sunlight meets the panels, the faster the solar fluid is heated.

  • The solar thermal pump system forwards the warmed up solar fluid through the tube circle of the system into the solar memory. If you press the hot water tap, the heat of the solar fluid is forwarded to the use water in the buffer tank via a heat exchanger.

  • At some point the solar fluid has cooled and at that moment the circulation of the heat generation begins again by solar energy. The solar pumps guide the solar fluid through the tube system back to the solar collectors, where it is heated again.

  • The heat status of the solar fluid is of course continuously monitored. If the heat generated of solar thermal energy is no longer sufficient, the controller automatically switches to the conventional heating system. The change takes place in seconds, so you don’t notice anything if you use warm water at that moment.

Hot water with a solar system: This is how it works - news-system
Vissmann Hot water with solar system: This is how it works

Solar thermal system: flat collectors, tube collectors or air collectors

You can easily attach the solar thermal system together with a photovoltaic system on the roof if you plan accordingly.

  • However, the significantly smaller and more powerful panels of the solar thermal energy can also be easily attached to other places, such as the facade.

  • The panels of the solar thermal energy are available as flat or tube collectors, which, as already described, work with liquid. The so -called air collectors are not quite as common for us yet.

  • With this system, the solar fluid is already guessed with air, replaced by air. The air collectors are significantly larger than the flat or tube collectors and especially in the USA.

  • Among other things, this is due to the fact that the air collectors are very special for air heating and these are very common in the USA. We use the air collectors, especially in large buildings, such as swimming pools or warehouses.

If you are currently considering buying a solar system, you will find the most important providers and your advantages in the next post.

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