Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest

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Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-autumn

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Long trips were not on the agenda 2021. To a there in the spring not really the circumstances for traveling were given. In the summer then a large knee op with a recovery phase. Therefore, in the fall, it was time to use the long weekend at the end of October / beginning of November. It got us to the Hotel Ritter Durbach in the Black Forest.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-black

We expect not only the first hotel throughout Germany, which of the German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing E.V. in June 2021, as “sustainable company (DIQP)” with the evaluation “very good” awarded. But above all a breathtaking landscape that kidnapped us into a golden autumn.

But before we landed there was the journey on the plan. In our case with the Mercedes-Benz EQA 250, which approvingly available for the journey into the Black Forest. The over 150 kilometers were started with full battery and with 47% residual range we are retracted in Durbach. Conveniently there was a wallbox available in the parking garage to charge the battery again for 100%. So that this can be used for one or the other on-site exit and the journey home again. But at least on the spot we were able to avoid an alternative, as you will learn.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-goldener

Now we are now dedicated to the goal of the journey, I’ll show you what has expected us there and, above all, what the Hotel Ritter Durbach has with e-mobility and sustainability at the hat and what you can still experience on site. When you get involved.

Hotel Knight in the Black Forest: enjoyment and relaxation

That the Hotel Knight has its own history in Durbach, is not to be denied. For 360 years, the family-run Hotel Ritter Durbach is in the sign of hospitality. From historical documents can be demonstrated that the inn “Knight” was already mentioned in 1656 for the first time and at this time the Talstrabe at the Durbach adorned.

If you look at the history it can be assumed that it was built by the last Staufenberg loan, which was built “Renogrute of Staufenberg”. A very important point for the subsequent centuries, because the conductee gave the house the “Eternal Headquarters to Knight”. This is the right to unhitch a shield and thus the permission to accommodate and host guests. How to understand Dominic Muller, managing director of the house, in conversation, the “Schuschrecht” should not be underestimated. Because the concession should be withdrawn from the house, one should take a step further thanks to shield.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-durbach Hotel Ritter Durbach

But the hotel profiled, which is led by Dominic and his wife Ilka. Instead, one sets on regionality, upcycling, resource conservation as well as energy from our own. What in the house itself through numerous facets extremely and shows. In my review I would like to share you exactly at these facets.

However, I do not deepen the topic of energy in the hotel review, but go directly to one of the upcoming podcast episodes with Dominic Muller. It should not remain unmentioned that four combined heat and power plants (Ca. 112 tonnes of CO2 saving) and a photovoltaic system on the roof (CA. 18 tons of CO2 savings) Create the electricity for the Hotel Ritter Durbach. An announcement.

Before we dedicate ourselves to the individual highlights of the good two and a half days, we’ll take a look at our retreat: our comfort room. This has everything you need in your stay at Hotel Ritter Durbach. Television with connected sound system, air conditioning, minibar, safe, bathroom with shower or bathtub as well as bathrobe & cosmetic articles are at the start. The bed seemed as if two single beds were joined together. Was not quite as practical as the mattresses have pushed apart and one could slip into the resulting cowle. Small things that you have to get out after the first night.

A small desk has allowed me to write the first lines of this experience report. Two comfortable armchairs in combination with a small table are the ideal retreat when half board is fully booked. Because then the room service can also be enjoyed in your own “four walls”. Just these own four walls start from a size of 26 sqm. Anyone who needs more space will find in family rooms as well as suites.

All room types mean is the fact that the inclusive services of the Hotel Knitter are included. This is welcome, a bottle of silent water in the room, gourmet breakfast buffet (later more), access to the Knight Spa and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Ritter re-green – Homegastrestaurant

With the Ritter Restoring at the Hotel Ritter Durbach, house and spagits find the place where a gourmet breakfast is offered in the morning and can be found in the evening for dinner. His name has the restaurant from the Staufenberger Leherrsherr Melchior Returned by Staufenberg, who acquired the eternal Schillrecht for the Hotel Ritter.

We had the first encounter with the knight, we had on Friday evening when we wanted to strengthen us a little after arrival and check in. As part of the half board, a four-course menu is offered in the restaurant. Where you can choose from three main courses as a guest. Below you will get a look at the menu:

  • Baked Swirls of Wool Lathes – Apple-horseradish Salad & Pamped Cauliflower

  • Crustacean soup – coconut

  • Rehragout – Broccoli & Haselnuss-Schupfnudeln

  • Or poached cape hake – rubrrragout, Riesling sauce & parsley potatoes

  • Or porciniravioli – Pesto & cherry tomatoes

  • Choux Tartlettes – Vanilla filling, red wine bulb & ice

It was: who has the choice has the agony. I decided to conclude for the Rehragout. What has not been found in retrospect as the wrong choice. But very tender and tasted extremely well. My personal highlight, however, was the dessert, because the red wine bulb had deserved her name. In conjunction with the tartlettes and ice cream a dream. For the company we have received a suitable Merlot from the restaurant.

The next morning was in the same hotel restaurant Ritter re-grown the breakfast on the plan. A versatile and rich buffet is waiting for the guests. To find is there from sausage, over cheese to fish everything. As well as fresh fruit in a variety of dosage form, as well as cereals, yoghurts as well as various jams and honey varieties. There are fresh breads and rolls.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-hotel

In addition, fluffy pancakes, crispy french toast sticks, individual omelettes – filled with herbs, ham, tomatoes, crabs, bacon or hearty stirring and fried eggs to choose from. Who does not find anything here for breakfast, which definitely did something wrong,

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-hotel

A few words about the restaurant yourself. Where the name is somehow program. The right to the name is set on the color green in a wide variety of nuances. Supplemented by different materials and textures that together offer a harmonious overall picture. Furthermore, the hostess and owner Ilka Muller understands the ambience to give her personal manuscript. This shows, among other things, by converting old flour sieves or metal sieves into wall lamps. Also, “broken” forks were recycled. Upcycling is the magic word. You have to look on the spot.

[Maki: ‘dan] – casual gourmet kitchen in the Black Forest

Upcycling one has also completed in [Maki: ‘Dan], though with a slightly different approach. Because from the former 1- or 2-star restaurant “The Knight” you have created the gourmet kitchen with star level. Dominic Muller, owner of the Hotel Ritter Durbach, gave in personal conversation to understand that one had gone this step to approach the own guests again.

With classic star kitchen, the focus is strong on products and ingredients and only then on the guest. At least if you look at this from the outside. Also, if the guest is naturally spoiled. Nevertheless, Muller and his employees wanted to redesign the star smell concept. The name of the restaurant program is. [Maki: ‘Dan] is derived from the Persian “mezze” and means as much as delicious in best society.

According to this credos, the guests are completely focused. Contrary to the classic star kitchen, the dishes are not in fixed order, but are freely combinable and can be placed on the table for sharing. If you have a little more appetite, you can also order one or the other “mezze” in between. At small delicacies we had the following choices during our visit:

  • Celery from the salty dough – chicken broth and sowing

  • US Beef – Tataki, Kimchi and Ponzu

  • Sturf – Alpenkaviar, Sudachi and Cream Fraiche

  • Unagi Kabayaki – Japanese Mayonnaise, rice and star anise

  • Macaron – roasted vegetables, apricot and core oil

We decided in advance for the US BEEF as well as the sturgeon. The decision was made quickly that the sturgeon of his taste has convinced a trace clearer than the US Beef. Very clear recommendation for this. After the “mezze” in advance we started in our five-course menu.

  • Yellowtail macrele – fermented kohlrabi, dill and whey

  • Breton Artichoke – Pecorino, Vulcano and Tomato

  • Carinthian ungrammed – Kohlrabi, nut butter and bear

  • Ibericobackchen – Papaya, coconut and soy

  • Fromage Blanc – waterkefir, lemon and pear

It can be stuck that every [Maki: ‘Dan] comes with a manageable number of components at maximum immoral force. The concentration on the essential makes food to something special. You can only sign so. Supplemented for the right wine accompaniment indeed a very special experience. Think that the photos involved here also make you want more.

In addition to the use of local and regional ingredients, sustainability in the restaurant is also evident through simple things, such as the fact that the bread is calculated as accompaniment to the food with salt butter extra. The reason for this is the knowledge in the home knight that in the past has a lot of bread, which was simply thrown away at the end of the evening. Something you want to avoid. And whoever orders it is not disappointed. Promised.

Black Forest explore with the Smart EQ Fortwo Convertible

The signs on Saturday noon could not be hoped on sunshine and bright blue sky. Instead, permanent rain, turbid weather and a rather autumnal feeling was present. Nonetheless, we wanted to compete the small exploration ride, with the hotel’s own electric car, a Smart EQ Fortwo Convertible around Durbach. Said, even if it cost a little overcoming at first moment. But at least the convertible hood we have admitted, otherwise we would probably be swamed at the EQ Fortwo Convertible.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-ritter

For summer days, the strainer is truly a good choice. Especially if you want to come into contact the first time with e-mobility. But not directly with a big e-SUV or electro coupe on the road wants. The compact smart makes it easier to enter and drive away. And are we honest, with the electric two-seater you also get flott from A to B. Only the distance between the two places should not be too far.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-black

Up to 159 km range should be possible. We did not exhaust them on site, but are simply a bit through the vineyards. Because thanks to E-drive you do not have the feeling of nature somehow to harm. On the highways between the places was a clear propulsion. 60 kW / 82 hp is thank you, combined with 160 nm who are already felt at the first kick on the train. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.8 seconds, however, we have dared not as little as the top speed of 130 km / h.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-black

Driving relaxed electric car, exploring the area and explore one or the other way away from the main roads was rather announced. Did you get a much better impression of the landscape and area around Durbach. Personally, however, I am convinced that it is even more pleased when the weather is playing with and the Smart EQ Fortwo Convertible is traveling without a hood. But for the weather neither the hotel knight something, nor we.

Switch off in the spa in autumnal weather

What the Hotel Ritter Durbach can do something for this is his spa area. Wellness and relaxation are possible there in a varied way. Just the right thing if the weather does not want to play as you like it yourself. The spa area of the Hotel Ritter extends over an area of 1.200 m², which distribute more than three floors. The individual floors can be controlled discretely via stairs or lift.

Personally, I have to say that this division over three floors was more likely to get used to. Because despite small “Spa-Wegguide” it took a little to care for himself. But then you could cope with his plan where and how to relax. There are a total of six saunas, two pools, excellent spa treatments, cozy rest areas, a sun terrace and fitness area.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-durbach

Everyone should find his highlight here. To switch off, with a good book or podcast, I especially convinced me the herbal and lavender chamber. This is not only extremely cozy, but relax in soothing vapors of herbs and lavender. If you want to invest something more in your health and relaxation, you should treat yourself to a full body massage. Because around 80 minutes later, tense muscles are loosened, improving blood circulation and you just want to switch off even further and dream. At least I went like that.

Who wants to be active in the indoor pool with countercurrent system, can then be kneaded the muscles in the whirlpool to relax in one of the saunas still a little more to relax. Or just on one of the relaxation options such as lying surfaces, lying and co. put down.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-hotel Hotel Ritter Durbach

Sustainability is also reflected in the spa area of the Hotel Ritter Durbach. Because the classic bathing slippers, how to know them from hotels, is no longer available in the knight. Or only on demand, if you forget your own home. Because the Hotel Ritter has drawn balance sheet and found that one of the year around 27.000 bath slippers disposed or other expressed 270.000 Slipper in ten years. “An incredible sum”, as hosts Muller himself gives to understand. The CO2 footprint for the production of slippers is not yet considered. And behold, with such little changes you can encourage thinking.

With the mountain e-bike, through the vineyards, to the castle Staufenberg

If the weather was not so hold on Saturday and we “had to” flee “” in the spa area, we were able to experience a golden autumn on Sunday. Actively experienced. Because we snapped two e-bikes from the rental of the Hotel Ritter Durbach and drove to the vineyards in autumnal sunshine. We do not have to drive a lot because this is quasi directly around the corner.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-ritter

We felt 500 meters on the road, before it left, away from the road crossfield on time, sometimes less narrow paths continued. It made the e-bike adjustable in three stages to come very easily. Typically, I’m rather without a bicycle on the bike, but in this case was quite grateful about the additional support uphill. Because with my knees still in the recovery phase, I would not have made this tour from our own power. Or more broken than completely made.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-durbach

The electrified bikes can be lend in two, four or eight hours of time. There is always route recommendations. For us stood that we wanted to pay a visit to the castle Baptenberger, which the Muller family has leased and farmed for several years, a visit. But not only we came to this idea, but also felt a hundred other people. Understandably, the weather wanted to be used to hire the legs to swing on the bike or cozy the hiking poles from the closet. It is also told that one or the other has come by by car.

Hotel Ritter Durbach: Goldener Autumn in the Black Forest-autumn

If you can understand, because the castle Staufenberg is located in the middle of the Durbacher vineyards and offers a fantastic view far into the valley to the Black Forest from its large terrace to the Black Forest and France. A view Which we sweetened with a glass of wine and flammicks. Better one can not use such a golden autumn sunday.

With these words, I want to end the impressions from the Hotel Ritter Durbach and hope that they liked them. With questions about the hotel and the offer on site. Let yourself be participated in my experiences.

The Hotel Ritter Durbach has invited to know each other’s own house and taken the costs for this. However, this has no influence on my written honest opinion written here.

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