How a German has brought the luxury e-car FF91 to the track

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How a German has brought the luxury e-car FF91 to the track-german

Actually, the more than 1000 hp fully electric Faraday Future FF 91 has been to be used for a good four years, as shown in one of our news from 2017. From various reasons – whose enumeration here would blow up the framework and the fabric offer for a kind of slapstick drama, however, the market launch seemed a different time. The current Faraday Future CEO Carsten Breitfeld spoke in a current interview with Robb Report about past setbacks, the segment of ultra-luxury electric cars and what a considerable sum of fresh money should now enable.

Breitfeld, once 20 years at BMW and later responsible for the plug-in sports car I8, is considered the experienced connoisseur of the car industry and seems to have set Faraday Future in the right track in a good one and a half years since its office. Currently Plant Faraday to go to the stock market and thus to redeem a billion dollars (about 800 million euros). According to Breitfeld, this would be more than enough fresh capital to bring the fully electric, 772 kW (1050 hp) strong luxury car from Faraday Future next year in its own factory in Hanford, California, in production.

How a German has brought the luxury e-car FF91 to the track-e-carFaraday Future

As a wideframe at Faraday, the prerequisites were less favorable: “There was all the technology, excitement and product, but it lacked the ability to run,” he said. A vision designed to ten, 15 years could not be realized in a single step: “You must divide the vision from the beginning to very small steps, on a single product that you bring to your customers to start building up the brand and to establish them on the market “. If this does not succeed, the vision could never be reality. Faraday Future made the mistake at the beginning to promise too much and then to deliver too little.

Breitfeld emphasizes to be “a German engineer” and “always hit a different way”. He did not focus on Faraday on the big plans for the future, but on the current. At the beginning of 2020, for example, it has “a great product in the prototype stage lying near a series car”. “But nobody knew that”. That’s why he set themselves in one of these cars and driven this from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – some will remember: “We drove with a single charge of Los Angeles to Vegas, about 430 kilometers, and arrived at 180 kilometers residual. This managed more credibility, “explains wide field.

“We want to redefine the top luxury segment of the automotive industry”

At the same time to the much noted ride, Breitfeld has appointed further independent members of the Executive Board and restructured the company. As a result, the company has also become interesting for investors and there have been several promising discussions and verbal commitments. “But then Corona came and everyone said, because nobody knew what will happen”. About the merger with a company already listed on the stock market, Faraday then managed to come to fresh capital and the mentioned one billion dollars. Now the luxury streamer FF 91 can finally be brought to the market and even a small buffer can be included.

How a German has brought the luxury e-car FF91 to the track-ff91Faraday Future

“We want to redefine the top luxury segment of the automotive industry,” says Breitfeld about the FF91, and wants to take it with the plunger Bentley and Rolls-Royce. “We have a very convincing technology in terms of the drive and the Internet in the car,” explains the Faraday Future boss. With the 772 kW (1050 hp) on the four wheels, the electric car traces 100 km / h in less than 2.5 seconds. In the interior rule luxury pure, and sitting on all. Remains only to wish that the FF91 is now actually creating the road soon.

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