How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van


How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper

How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van-perfect

Tischer proves that a VW Amarok can also be used as a motorhome base

Source: Tischer

The VW Transporter has been extremely popular with campers for decades – not just as a California. Many builders use the VW models and convert them into sometimes super-luxurious holiday apartments.

D.he VW California, which will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2018, has long enjoyed cult status and is setting new registration records year after year. In 2017, the new record was set to over 15,000 copies per year.

However, the VW commercial vehicle division does not want to limit its motorhome expertise to just the van converted into a camper. The Hanoverians therefore also offer the Caddy in a beach version. For example, it can be combined with a sturdy kitchen box and bed from Ququq can be converted into a simple camper for around 2300 euros. There are also special bodies for the Amarok pick-up, and the new Crafter is also set to establish itself in the motorhome world.

In contrast to the former twin brother Mercedes Sprinter, which was presented as an integrated and partially integrated vehicle at Hymer even before the first new van models were delivered, the output of the VW Crafter one and a half years after its market launch is rather modest.

How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van-amarok

Knaus has converted the VW Crafter into a luxurious camper

Source: Knaus

With the caravaning manufacturer Knaus from Jandelsbrunn After all, a big player in the industry converted the Crafter into a mobile home. The Box-Drive is initially only available in a first-edition series limited to 150 units with a long wheelbase, all assistance systems, longitudinally arranged single beds in the rear and a bathroom with shower with rainbow-colored wellness lighting for around 80,000 euros.

Elia Akkawi, managing director of Schwabenmobil, who offers the Crafter as Florida all-rounder and Tango (both from around 63,000 euros) in two completely different layouts, is very satisfied with the response so far: “In the first year we sold almost 100 vehicles. That is very good for the start-up. "

What is unusual about the Florida all-rounder is the bathroom directly behind the front seats and the single beds in the rear, which even create space for a motorcycle when folded up. With a payload of over 800 kilograms, no problem for the 3.5-ton truck.

An Amarok is also suitable as a motorhome base

Camping specialist Reimo joins the small but fine club of Crafter builders at the caravan salon. The prototype from Egelsbach in Hesse has a new floor plan. Similar to a camping bus, a middle bench seat is converted into a bed, and the swiveling front seats are used as part of the seating area.

A spacious bathroom with a spacious shower is built into the rear of the kitchen on the side. A pop-up roof will also be offered later. Advantage: Those who sleep upstairs do not have to build beds on the ground floor every evening. However, there are no prices for Reimo-Crafter yet.

In general, there are still no Crafter motorhomes as partially integrated, integrated or alcove. "We had set different priorities for the start-up phase in the completely new plant in Poland," says the official VW Commercial Vehicles. "But by the end of the year we will also be offering the Crafter with a flat-frame chassis for caravanning manufacturers."

How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van-becomes

The Florida all-rounder has a small bathroom right behind the front seats

Source: Schwabenmobil

Several companies are proving that an Amarok can also be used as a motorhome base. Tischer and Bimobil have been using the piggyback cabin principle for years. Your own cabin is firmly anchored on the loading area of ​​the pick-up, but can also be parked on its own supports and used without a base vehicle.

While Bimobil Removed the side walls of the flatbed structure, leaves Tischer the VW pick-up remains untouched, which has the advantage that other pick-ups can also be used as the basis for the cabin. However, you have to reckon with a total of 80,000 to 90,000 euros.

How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van-Touareg expensive almost perfect Touareg

GeHoCap has converted the Amarok into a luxury camper that costs 200,000 euros

Source: GeHoCab

Compared to the GeHoCap, which firmly connects the Amarok with an alcove structure, but that’s still a bargain. The designer off-road vehicle is luxurious, uses lightweight walls made of aircraft carbon, materials from yacht construction and a hob that is powered exclusively by a lithium-ion battery. The price: around 200,000 euros. Only five of the individually manufactured vehicles are built each year.

The vast majority of the external VW motorhome partners are concerned with the T6 and prove that there are still plenty of alternatives to the California floor plan, which is apparently sophisticated down to the last detail.

How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van-perfect

The company Space-Camper tries to get the best out of the VW T6 and to combine a versatile camping extension with the functions of an everyday vehicle

Source: Space Camper

The Darmstadt company Space-Camper for example, founded by Ben Wawra and Markus Riese in 2005, offer one of the lightest extensions on the market: They have been awarded for their ideas such as the two sliding doors and the swing-out or even completely expandable kitchen. With around 120 units built annually, the company is the largest external T6 partner in the camping bus sector.

The van manufacturer in Hagen concentrates on three special areas. As expedition-compatible expansions, the Terracamper use high-quality, modular furniture systems made of aluminum, which can also be easily dismantled for increased loading requirements.

How a VW Amarok becomes the perfect camper van-Touareg expensive almost perfect Touareg

Flowcamper offers some of the cheapest conversions for VW buses

Source: Vanufaktur

While they only start at around 60,000 euros in the upward price scale, this brand already means the upper limit for the Flowcamper. New here is the “Space” with a colorful interior, stylistically based on the history of the legendary VW Bullis, at prices from 39,000 euros. And dog owners appreciate the dog camper with a more or less large cage under the bed.

The multicamper with individual extensions, which including water heater, underfloor heating, electric folding sunroof and many, many extras can drive the price above the 100,000 euro limit, the yacht building-inspired vehicles from Campmobil Schwerin with a rear kitchen or the Octo buses from Fischer-Reisemobil with a trundle bed – there is plenty of creative freedom. And in the small series, the needs of the customers can be served much more individually.

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