How can the acceptance and demand for electric cars be increased?

How can the acceptance and demand for electric cars be increased?-cars

Silke Fat, Student, and Prof. Dr. Ingo Hamm, caring professor, the University of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences – Darmstadt Institute for Economic Psychology (DIWIP), have dealt with the topic “Batteries for electric cars – climate balance as a factor for the purchase preference for electro cars in Germany”. In the context of their work, fat and Hamm come to the realization that price & range is not the only approaches to increase the e-car demand.

The two have examined the influence of the perceived climate balance of batteries for electric cars on the purchase preferences of potential customers. The starting position for the investigation was the assumption that electric vehicles with improved climate labeling for battery production and battery recycling are preferable. As part of a conjoint analysis, purchase preferences were examined in Germany. The results were able to show that statements for battery production have a similarly high influence as the selling price and are also more important than reach.

Thus, after the survey, it could be significantly increased that an improved climate balance in battery production using 100% green stream could increase the purchase preferences for electric vehicles – beyond attractive retail prices and ranges -. The topic of battery recycling, on the other hand, is insignificant compared to the other characteristics. How to show fat and hammed showed approx. 90% of the participants a very high or high intention for the purchase of an electric vehicle. So gave 51.9% of respondents to select “very sure” as a next new car an electric car. 37.5% of the participants evaluated the choice of an electric car as “pretty likely”. 10% of respondents show less readiness; You chose the answer option “Maybe”.

This result is not amazing in that almost all subjects already have experience in dealing with electric cars. Thus, 94 subjects are already an electric car itself or as
Hazards passenger, and about. One third already has an electric vehicle. Say, the proximity to the e-mobility of the respondents is given and it is “less convincing work on the advantages of the Stromer, which certainly has a positive effect on any purchase. Further limitation of the respondents should be said that this is divided to 83% male and 17% female subjects; The age was raised in five age groups, and the median was in the age group of 41 to 50 years old.

Fat and Hamm concluded concludes that communication of the climate balance for battery production has a relatively high impact on the purchase preference for a battery-electric vehicle. The influence is similar to the selling price and higher compared to the range and information on battery recycling. A corresponding communication of the battery climate balance in the application of the E-vehicles would therefore offer itself from their point of view.

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4 thoughts on “How can the acceptance and demand for electric cars be increased?”

  1. Main problem is, next to the price, currently simply the missing brand and model variety. Until, as with the burners, every sneeze is occupied by several brands, it will take something else. At least VW and BMW are on the best way.

  2. The problem with surveys is that people often answer as they think that it is desirable, they prefer to be politely as honest. In this respect you should not overvalue surveys. When asked if you buy a smartphone, it obviously does not matter if the battery was produced environmentally friendly.

  3. Sorry, what was scorned out, I never think and never!
    The topic of environmental impact of the battery production is only a stupid excuse. Nobody, is interested in how big the environmental impact is through the production. For this is the manufacturer and not the buyer responsible. So easy is the logic of the allerman consumers. If the environment would be a topic for the car buyers, there would be no thousands of diesel-powered SUVs on our roads.

    So please, not tell us such a nonsense. The most allest questions about the environment, and the allegedly CO2-digit battery is just an excellent opportunity to continue to decide for a stinking and noisy offense.

  4. The e-mobility in the field of cars below 3.5 t will only enforce (approvals> 50%) if the price / performance ratio corresponds to the burners or. cheaper. From a range of 500 km (WLTP) this is playing an ever smaller role. The charging must be so easy as refueling, so the reservations relative to the charging stations. This will not rule the market See the wild growth in terms of prices, apps, loading cards and privileging in relation to customers z.B. Charging columns – ionity.
    The parking lots with more than 10 parking spaces should always have a charging column (2Xtyp2). This must be the basis for approval. It can not be that Z.B. Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Furniture stores, DIY stores, etc. Create parking lots without sufficient charging stations.
    The charging trip prices (AC / DC) must be connected to the promotion and be capped at 0.39 ct / kWh.
    Greetings Matthias Geiger (driving since 01.08.2018 an e-car)


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