How Catl wants to mix the battery cell market for electric cars

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How Catl wants to mix the battery cell market for electric cars-wants

The Chinese battery manufacturer Catl, within a few years headed one of the most important battery suppliers of the auto industry, thinks about further works in Germany. “We examine an expansion,” said Europachef Matthias Zentgrart of the world on the edge of the International Automotive Exhibition (IAA). “We now start in Erfurt, that’s a big job, but then there is also room for expansion,” the manager so. The company continues to observe how the needs of the car manufacturer develop this country. Catl is currently building a first production site in Erfurt in this country and wants to invest a total of 1.8 billion euros in Thuringia in the coming five years.

Although the production of battery cells in Europe is much more expensive than in China. However, “in electromobility is not just about where it is the cheapest to produce batteries,” said Zentgraf of the newspaper. If you make them elsewhere, you need not only take into account the manufacturing and transport costs. “People pay attention to the entire CO2 footprint and transportation also plays a role.”The advantage of other European countries towards the Federal Republic as a production site becomes smaller. “Of course, we have to deal with a different wage level in Germany, but also in the Eastern European countries, people are currently demanding higher salaries,” said the Catl-Europachef.

“Lithium-ion batteries are our core business”

The construction of a pilot production of battery cells in Salzgitter and the later planned series production with the start-up Northvolt see the Chinese. “Basically, we like competition, that drives us,” said Center. “Lithium-ion batteries are our core business, we are leading both in technology, as well as the volume, and we will do everything to keep this position.”

Even in the electric car pioneer Tesla, Catl sees a potential customer, although the US e-car manufacturer together with Panasonic in a several billion euros expensive factory produces its own battery cells. “Tesla is not a competitor, he might become it in the future, but he could also become a potential customer,” says Zentgraf. “Tesla builds vehicles and our customers are vehicle builders.”

Catl does not just want to supply battery cells for electric cars. Together with the German subcontractor Bosch, who had decided after a long awareness against its own battery cell production, the Chinese will also want to produce batteries for mild hybrid with 48-volt technology in the future. This technology should reduce consumption and CO2 emissions of cars with internal combustion engines.

“It does not change from today to tomorrow’s electromobility,” says Catl Manager’s Centrgrade of the World about the use of batteries in burners. “There is a transitional phase, and we also offer our technology for the next generation of internal combustion engines.”

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