How Chargeiq wants to make the charging infrastructure accessible without barriers

How Chargeiq wants to make the charging infrastructure accessible without barriers-wants

The start-up Chargeiq has made electro cars and plug-in hybrid charging infrastructure without barrier to make. In detail, this happens by making the company access to the charging infrastructure of a multi-family house, trading, city utilities or municipalities with its own software solution to third parties. Sustainable and profitable, like Stephan Dengler, Co-Founder and responsible for Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Sales, in conversation.

Chargeiq is started formerly as “airbnb” for wallboxes. At the beginning, the company has mediated private wallboxes between the charging station owner and E motorists. Pretty much has ran in trust – in particular payments between the two parties. Over time, there was a sensory change and the good deal was hired piece for piece behind. What causes loads in part no longer correct or not billed at all.

At this time, Chargeiq has looked around for another field of activity. The goal was to make the loading infrastructure without barriers. Say, private charging stations, as well as those of multi-family houses, trade, urban workers or municipalities are to be made accessible to the “mass”. This is used for an online platform for individual access management, billing and operation of semi-public and private charging infrastructure. This allows your own charging infrastructure – whether making a wallbox or several – different user curves accessible.

In practice, it would be possible that a company with wallboxes at their parking lots of their own sales representatives are available free of charge. Other employees can load their e-car to a discounted tariff. And after work, the charging stations will be integrated into the public shop network, to normal tariffs. This is just one example of a possible implementation with Chargeiq. The access itself is controlled by RFID card, Direct Payment, App or Roaming.

But that can certainly be closer to Stephan, who can best imagine the own product best. Therefore, I do not remain much left to wish you a lot of fun with the current episode.

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