How e-mobility & autonomous driving change the autodesign

How e-mobility & autonomous driving change the autodesign-autodesign

In which direction develops the automotive design? This question opens up while more and more electric models come to the street. The most beautiful cars that ever gave, mean one. To classic, complain others. Audi Chef Designer Marc Lichte has a clear position here. Together with his team, he has dealt intensively in recent months with the change. In an interview published by Audi itself, light gives a view of how the technological change will make the design of Audi models and also their design process on the head.

“We are only at the beginning,” says light about the new possibilities in the vehicle design. With the electromobility, the car has already changed fundamentally in its construction. No longer the engine forms the visual power center, but the big battery block in the underbody. In addition, there are the possibilities of digitization and above all the automated driving. “This will change the automobile fundamentally in the next few years. A change that can probably be compared only with the change of epochs, which the detachment of the carriage marked by the car, “explains light.

What concretely means for the automotive design, let yourself be clearly explained: “We actually designed the automobile in its 135 years from outside,” says light. Say: At the beginning, the question was in which vehicle segment should position the model and which aggregate it drives. “In this way we came to the body concept and thus to the exterior design”. And only if all that was fix, designers have dealt with the design of the interior.

How e-mobility & autonomous driving change the autodesign-drivingAudi

And at this established process, technological innovations, not only the electromobility, but also the autonomous driving: “With the automated driving, an elementary point changed, which so far sometimes seemed to be in all cars worldwide: moving in the future no longer permanently permanently the steering wheel keep in hand, “says light. And without active driving task, the person wins new freedoms on the driver’s seat and can design their time themselves. “Work, entertainment or relaxation. All this is possible, “says light.

And at the same time, the designers at cars without steering wheel and pedalerie “also creates new design options for the interior and – very banal – more space, a better room feeling”. For the inmates, the interior becomes a personal freedom, for designers for the new design nucleus of the automobile. “The design process begins with the question of who should take place in a new model and what he wants to do there,” explains the Audi chief designer. “A turnaround of 180 degrees: In the future, the car will no longer be designed from the outside, but from the inside to the outside.”

How e-mobility & autonomous driving change the autodesign-changeAudi

“From the inside out” is not just a slogan, but a new basic understanding of individual mobility. Liche calls a concrete example of illustration: Imagine a classic luxury sedan – over five meters long, tinted slices and black painted. “Where are the customers here? On the driver’s seat? No, right in the rear, you may use the Rear Seat Entertainment, while chauffeurs steer the car “. If the driving task is left away in the future, “it would be much more attractive for customers, right in the first row to take place in a cozy armchair with a free view to the outside or on a large onboard entertainment, as you wish for home. That’s First Class Traveling for me, “says light. The time in the car will become the “Quality Time. No displays, buttons and switches more, but a generous room with a feel-good atmosphere. Something like the third habitat, next to the apartment and the workplace “.

A first document, as such a car could look like, Audi wants to deliver in September at the IAA in Munich with a serial showcar, the Audi GrandSphere Concept. “The name basically says everything,” says light auspicious.

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  1. I want to drive yourself.
    No autonomous helper, ABS is enough.
    V2H, however, should be standard just like lightweight construction.
    And if VW really presented a small eV below the ID3 only 2025 I have a Ford, Stellantis O.a. bought

  2. This only applies to the upper class. If cars can drive autonomously and from the km price with a private car would be the same, then I will not own a car. Then I call one when I need one. The number of cars on the roads will then drastically reduce. Pitches can be eliminated. The Cabs parking in the depot and are loaded there and serviced. Depending on the time will be more or less on the road and also the prices adapt to the need, where you can save money on peak times by cab-sharing again. And these interiors should be functional and robust. Driving living room remains only for the upper class.


  3. Funny, just in this article to show a design that it does not get to liberate from the old design language of the burners. I see a stink normal shooting brake, including bonnet. The only thing is green with these dimensions in the upper class: the vegetables in the center console.


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