How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP

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How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP-hyundai

It enables electric cars improved range, greater performance and higher loading capacity: with the development of the Electric Global Modular Platform, abbreviated E-GMP, a new era in the company’s history begins for Hyundai. The new vehicle architecture was developed exclusively by Hyundai and serves as a substructure for the Hyundai sub-brand Ioniq.

This new generation of electrical HYUNDAI car benefits from significant improvements in the development process: In this way, future battery electric vehicles can be more flexible for different customer claims and constructing. In addition, customers benefit from improved range and 800 volt technology from a very fast charging performance, so Hyundai in a current message.

How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP-hyundaiHyundai

The development of the platform started on a white sheet of paper and offered an unprecedented freedom with regard to the vehicle design. Thanks to your Hyundai Designer E-vehicles with different drive systems can design without compromising in the interior space.

Extremely fast loading: 100 kilometers in five minutes

One of the biggest advantages of the E-GMP represents their fast chargers. On a 350 kilowatt charging station, the battery can be charged by the 800 volt technology in only 18 minutes from ten to 80 percent. In comparison, a vehicle equipped with the 400 volt technology would require twice as long as the same charging process. The “reload” for 100 kilometers reached according to WLTP has already been completed after five minutes.

How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP-e-gmpHyundai

The system equally allows loading to 800 volt and 400 volt charging stations without any additional components or adapters are required. This multi-charging system is a high charging compatibility technology developed and patented by Hyundai. Thanks to a boost conversion, the rear electric motor and the inverter can transform a 400 volt charge internally into 800 volts before the current reaches the batteries. This system offers customers the advantages of the 800 volt fast charging, regardless of the actual voltage of the charger.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 offers bidirectional loading capacity

With the innovative vehicle-to-load function (V2L), each Hyundai electric car with E-GMP has the possibility of bidirectional loading. The high-voltage battery can thus act as powerbank and provide external electrical appliances such as e-bikes, e-scooters or notebooks with a maximum capacity of 3.68 kilowatts while driving or up to 230 volt alternating current. In the interior, a household socket is attached to the rear seat. To use the function on the outside, an adapter is included. Thus, the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 can also make breakdown aid and recharge other electric cars.

How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP-platformHyundai

Heart of the E-GMP architecture is a large, flat in the vehicle floor accommodated battery package with high capacity, which enables the Ioniq 5 ranges of up to 485 kilometers to WLTP.

Battery package repairable construction

The large battery pack is located between the far apart axes and deep in the middle of the platform, resulting in a low center of gravity for the vehicle. This construction has a positive effect on the cornering, acceleration and driving stability. Thanks to an optimal axle load distribution, it also improves the handling of the vehicle. The trolley rear suspension is equally sovereign with longitudinal, transverse and vertical forces, and the novel integrated drive axles – simultaneously act as a drive shaft and wheel bearing – transmit the force of the rear electric motor directly to the wheels. Compared to a solution with separate parts, the integrated drive axle is 42 percent stiffer and ten percent lighter, which, according to Handling and driving behavior Hyundai further improved.

By using standardized battery cells and modules within a large unit, the E-GMP is possible to replace or revise individual modules in the repair case. This lowers the repair costs for the customers and minimizes the financial risk of vehicle purchase.

More legroom freedom and flexibility in the interior

The new platform also defines the proportions of electrically powered vehicles completely new. The flat battery pack ensures a consistently flat floor in the interior.

How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP-electricHyundai

For the vehicle occupants a long wheelbase and a flat vehicle floor mean more legroom, so that more comfort on long distances and at the same time more freedom of movement in the vehicle. Front and rear seats are just like the sliding center console flexibly adjustable. In addition, with the generous dimensions of the interior, the designers receive more freedoms to make the vehicle interior innovative and spacious. Instead of subjecting conventional design principles, they can be the interior of the vehicle in a new life or life or. Living room transform.

Identical space conditions for rear and all-edge drive

The Hyundai engineers have created a flexible and modular platform with the E-GMP whose base can be used for different vehicle segments. Areas such as side skirts, rear carriers or wheel arches can be variably modified within the platform so that they can be adapted for different vehicle classes and allow a number of new, attractive vehicle designs. Central areas such as shock absorbing elements, the wheel suspensions and the battery case are fixed in the platform. This guarantees a secure, comfortable application and optimal protection for passengers and battery.

By default, the new electrical platform is designed for rear drive. It can be upgraded by an additional engine like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 but also on four-wheel drive. The space in the interior are independent of the drive variant.

By eliminating the internal combustion engine, the front overhang could be shortened. The bonnet falls upside down and parts of the air conditioning and heating system are now where otherwise the gasoline or diesel engine can be found. This creates more space, which allows a clearer cockpit design. The design of the dashboard in E-GMP vehicles offers driver and passenger a spacious, modern and comfortable ambience. Additional storage space offers a compartment under the bonnet (frunk) with up to 57 liters for smaller pieces of luggage or equipment at the Ioniq 5.

More security for occupants

The body structure of the new platform increases safety for occupants. In the case of a collision, the front and rear absorb special collision frames the impact energy and direct outward around the battery pack. The front collision frame fulfills this task, thanks to a multi-skeletal structure, especially effective.

How Hyundai explains the advantages of its electric car platform E-GMP-advantagesHyundai

The battery is particularly protected in the new platform by a special body structure in the bottom area of ultra-high-resistant steel. In the case of a potential side impact, extruded aluminum reinforcements absorb a large part of the energy introduced.

The Ioniq 5 and his “universal island”

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the first battery electrical vehicle based on the E-GMP and at the same time the first of the new sub-brand IoniQ. According to the manufacturer, the E-CUV reflects the many advantages of the new platform.

The innovative center console, for example, acts in IoniQ 5 as a multifunctional island. It can be pushed back by up to 140 millimeters. In combination with the flat bottom of the vehicle, these movable island enabled a flexible input and exit of the occupants, more freedom of movement and a high degree of comfort. For the passengers in the rear, the universal island offers easy access to a wireless charging option with up to 15 watts for mobile phones and USB connections.

The particularly flexibly adjustable and heated front seats with relax function and fold-out leg support can be adjusted in an ergonomically optimum angle to rest for example during a charging process. The passengers in the second row benefit from the innovative construction of the front seats, where Hyundai has reduced the volume of leaning by 30 percent compared to comparable constructions. The resulting room benefits the leg to the fund passengers.

Hyundai sees E-GMP as a milestone for the e-auto era

With the new E-GMP architecture, Hyundai has a tremendous potential for successful development and marketing of future vehicles according to its own statement. It is part of the South Korean brand strategy to become one of the leading manufacturers of electric cars. In the next five years, the Hyundai Motor Group plans to bring a total of 23 electrified models to the market, of which eleven pure electric cars such as Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 7. The goal is to sell more than one million electric cars worldwide by 2025.

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  1. Conversion of charging voltage with the help of the engine?
    That sounds like the technique of the Unselige ZoE loader. He managed 22 kW, was nice cheaply but had a very high load loss at the 1PHAS load.
    I hope that Hyundai has made it different and better.

  2. Coil, spool. Anyway, you have a platform and that seems to be good enough for the next few years. Not that I’m a fan of the company and the cars and I would not order Kia or Hyundai, but there are good cars and the platform allows low cost of rollout over several model series. Also shown from Gen 1 and 2, they manage to tailor the vehicles to good efficiency. Only the topic small and small cars must be solved differently. The E-GMP is not suitable for this. I learn this segment you do not have ERGO in the medium term on the screen.

  3. The drawings show how simple and space-saving the accommodation of the battery electric drive is, in contrast to the waste of space in fuel cell systems and H2 tanks.

    Hisundai also takes over the simple and cheap purely battery electric drive with your trucks and do not waste time with “politically motivated” fuel cell experiments.

  4. No one does not believe my plea? Please, please, finally tells me why you tell me, we should load our city floon zoe as gentle as possible. The battery then stopped longer. And now the Ioniq 5 wants to recharge in five minutes 100’km ‘. If the battery in the car is in the end after six months in the end or he has a completely different caterpillaries than the Renault Zoe?


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