How Polestar wants to build a climate-neutral electric car until 2030

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How Polestar wants to build a climate-neutral electric car until 2030-2030

Fredrika Klaren, the sustainability manager of Volvo’s e-auto-offshoot Polestar, explained in a conversation with business insiders, how a completely climate-neutral electric car can be produced. A very difficult project, in the production of a current Polestar 2, CO2 emissions of 24 tonnes. That’s a lot more than a gasoline or diesel. However, since these burn fossil fuels and thus eject tons of CO2 during their runtime, the Polestar Stromer is intended to be his climate rope from 50.000 kilometers off – unless it is loaded with green electricity.

In the long run, Polestar wants to build an electric car, which is traveling from kilometer 0 climate-friendly. Accordingly, the corresponding vehicle project also carries the title Polestar 0. Clearen suggests in the conversation that the manufacturer himself does not know how this goal can be achieved and what kind of car makes the project implementable: “The upcoming new years will be divided into three different phases. About 2027 the classic product development will begin. Before that we do not know how the car will look like, “she says.

In addition, it is unlikely that from 2030 the complete model range CO2-neutral rolls out of the works. “If we have only a completely CO2-neutral model until 2030, we can appreciate very happy,” says Klaren. Polestar-0 first go into the research phase to find innovative solutions for CO2 avoidance – such as a reduction in the cost of cabling and a focus on recycling and the modular design of the vehicles.

Already in this phase, developed solutions are to be integrated gradually in the current production, so Klasen continues. For with Polestar, one believes that the target year 2030 was too late to start with climate measures: “That’s why we set this goal: In order to reduce CO2 emissions in this decade. It is so important that we have to do that now.”

The suppliers must also be sustainable

In addition to technical advances, Polestar also relies on the blockchain to be able to verify whether sustainability criteria, human rights and environmental standards are also complied with even when recovering the raw materials. But Polestar has entered into a cooperation with the British start-up Circulor. If a too high CO2 emissions or raw materials from other sources should be registered somewhere in the supply chain, Polestar will be informed. Suppliers would then have to expect consequences at different levels. “We demand from our suppliers that they change their production to green energy and invest in sustainability,” makes clearly clear. But she also says that some suppliers also optimize their processes, for example, to reduce their power consumption. What not only the effects on the climate but also the operating costs less.

A proportion of the CO2 balance of a car also has its shipment over the oceans with as particularly climbing high-seaters. Also, Polestar thought. In the future, cars should be preferred via the rail and Z.B. About China’s new Silk Road – the direct train connection across the country road to Europe – are transported. In order to avoid a long delivery route completely, Polestar wants to produce more vehicles on site for the respective markets. The upcoming Polestar 3 is produced as the first car of the brand from 2022 in the USA. Also a production in Europe was considered. This project can be implemented relatively easily. After all, Polestar can use the worldwide works of the sister brand Volvo.

From the compensation of CO2 by investing in climate protection projects, such as Volkswagen with forest protection projects, Polestar does not hold much, explains Klaren: “It just does not work. It does not like the emissions, “as it leads to long time until the CO2 incurred in the production of a car is bound by the plants of trees. In addition, it should be guaranteed “that these decades can grow under ideal conditions. And we just do not have this time in view of climate change.”

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  1. Volvo trust I most likely to make CO2-free cars – Sweden is most advanced in terms of climate protection – the idea of using the train of the new Silkstrasse is very good – on the railway goods can be transported by a multiple cleaner than With the ship – and even better it is to make the car where it is also bought / used.
    For me personally, the car purchase of the future is certainly decided on the CO2 neutrality.


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