How sports car manufacturer Lotus sets up for the electrical future

How sports car manufacturer Lotus sets up for the electrical future-lotus

The sports car manufacturer Lotus has introduced his strategy for the coming years. And also proclaim some exciting news. According to this, the legendary British sports car forge, which has been a majority of the Chinese Geely Group since 2017, bundles its development in the new Lotus Technology business unit. Part of the development is to take place on the new global headquarters in Chinese Wuhan, for which recently the groundbreaking ceremony took place.

The new headquarters of Lotus Technology should be completed in 2024. Also planned is a completely redesigned production plant for electric vehicles to be opened this year. The new Lotus Technology unit is intended to produce innovations in the areas of batteries and energy management, electric motors, electronic control systems, intelligent driving and intelligent manufacturing.

Together with the experienced Lotus team in the United Kingdom, Lotus Technology has developed a plan for the next five years to bring the company back to the profit track, as the manufacturer announces. Among other things, the introduction of several new electric cars is planned: Accordingly, Lotus wants to launch an electric SUV in the coming year with the internal code name Type 132. The vehicle should be positioned in the e-segment, the upper partial class. 2023 a four-door electric coupe should follow the type designation 133 and 2025 with the type 134 another SUV. A completely newly developed electric sports car (type 135) should be presented in 2026. A taste published by Lotus shows in which direction the design of the upcoming E cars will tend to.

How sports car manufacturer Lotus sets up for the electrical future-manufacturerlotus

According to the new models, according to a recent communication, the fully electric Hypercar Evija and the Emira, the last gasoline-powered sports car from Lotus, which are both built in Hethel, Great Britain,. Its electric cars built on a new platform wants to equip Lotus with battery capacities between 92 and 120 kWh. The performance values of the upcoming Lotus Stromers should allow sprints from zero to 100 in less than three seconds. In addition, they should be based on 800 volts technology that enables extra fast charging stops. Among other Audi, Porsche and Hyundai-Kia already have some 800 volt streams on offer.

The British sports car manufacturer Lotus was founded in 1948 by Colin Chapman and has achieved by minimalism, an outstanding driving behavior, lightweight construction technologies and aerodynamic technology under the slogan “for the drivers” world-friendly. In Hethel and Norwich, both in the United Kingdom, are the sports car production and performance facilities.

The new plant in China should significantly increase production capacities. The factory in Wuhan has a total area of more than one million square meters and costs well eight billion yuan, converted a billion euros, leaves Lotus. In the future, there are good 150.000 vehicles rolled from the tape per year.

How sports car manufacturer Lotus sets up for the electrical future-sportslotus

In the course of the restructuring of his business, Lotus in the United Kingdom will in future be responsible for the development and production of exclusive sports cars and electro-hypercar evija and coordinate the worldwide distribution of the Lotus brand. The Lotus Technology business unit is responsible for the “mass” droms designed for higher sales figures and coordination between the individual development units, which, in addition to the units in the UK and China, the F-based f&E-Center (Lotus Technology Innovation Center) belongs to Raunheim.

Lotus Cars has simultaneously completed a round of financing and get into the house known in the e-auto scene: Nio Capital, the investment arm of the E-Car manufacturer NIO, is part of the round, the Lotus Technology with 15 billion yuan or. Good 1.9 billion euros rated. Lotus and NIO should already talk about opportunities for both sides advantageous industrial cooperation.

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