How Volvo goes into the purely electric future

How Volvo goes into the purely electric future-electric

Volvo‘s Department of Development Henrik Green spoke with the man-in car engine and sport over large and small electric cars whose different vehicle platforms as well as the farewell to the combustion technology.

Volvo wants to sell only purely electric vehicles from 2030. The manufacturer see for themselves “simply greater growth opportunities in purely electric vehicles than conventional drives,” says Green. The change to electromobility but does not necessarily mean that Volvo must now develop completely new vehicle architectures. The smallest Volvo models are located on the Compact Modular Architecture CMA, on which in addition to E-cars also build pure burners. Currently Develop Volvo the SPA2 platform for larger models. “This is an architecture that is also prepared for flat batteries, housed between the axes.”Then another model of the sister brand Polestar should also be created.

For the larger vehicles, the Sweden also want to offer more powerful electric drives, compared to the already quite athletic 300 kW, which brings the current mid-range Crossover C40 to the street standing on the CMA platform. “So that this makes sense, the production of the batteries must take place exclusively with renewable energies,” says Green. Currently there is a lot of energy for battery production from non-sustainable sources. Green but is optimistic that this looks very different in 2030. He see “Great efforts of companies in investing in green energy.”

The first purely electric Volvo model, the XC40 Recharge, a compact SUV, which is also on the CMA platform, will soon be presented in slightly weaker variants, such as Green releases: “The XC40 still comes a variant with a motor and front drive this year, as well, we will offer a smaller battery “. The flexible Sustainable Experience Architecture Sea of the parent company Geely in turn wants to use Volvo soon also, according to Green “first for small models below C40 and XC40.”

Across all platforms, Volvo wants to be “leader” at the reach, such the development chief. It is “good possible” that the first electric car comes with a range of 1000 kilometers from Volvo, Green says. The development in this field is “so fast as never before.”In the future,” every two years will give a new generation of battery cells “, he says.

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