How VW Chef wants to tackle the problems of the Group

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How VW Chef wants to tackle the problems of the Group-chef

Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert This has no easy stand these days. With the works council, there is a thong because of a statement for job reduction, in China, the electric car strategy only sluggishes, semiconductors will continue to be scarpled. And then there is still the all-encompassing topic: the urgent transformation into a purely electrical and digital automaker. In an interview at the Handelsblatt Auto Summit 2021 explained how he wants to tackle all these challenges.

“We are in a great transformation we need to change dramatically,” says this. It is comprehensible that the “worried makes the employees, worry about their own workplace. […] But we have to drive the company to drive, change, “says the VW-CEO. “Structures broken up and new forms of cooperation” have to be found. However, the “necessity of change” is not always available to all. These discussions “in the end, however, lead to future security for jobs,” says this. It would be much more dangerous to run things as so far.

This is “really glad that from the Volkswagen brand now come good news – with the construction of the new development center and with the new factory in Wolfsburg as part of the Trinity project”. Of course there will have to give a job reduction, but “not primary”. At a location like Wolfsburg “with tens of thousands of jobs” However, VW must be “set on that we get new competitors”. Like Tesla in Brandenburg, where “worked with very different lead times and with a high productivity”. Tesla needs a good ten hours to produce a model 3. VW is currently about 30 hours for its electric cars. Too much, this is.

“We have to set that. For this we need new skills and need to question things. This leads to necessary discussions, especially at such a traditional location like Wolfsburg, “says this. At the end of 2016, VW with the future pact “the socially acceptable degradation of 23.000 jobs agreed in Germany, but at the same time 9,000 new jobs arise, “the VW-CEO expects. This process continues to be in progress. There are now a general rethinking: “We have to become faster, we have to act”.

Currently “particularly important” is that the sales of electric cars in the world’s largest car market attract China. The start of the ID models was not as hoped for there. “But there is now a positive development, in the last few months we win market shares,” says this. Volkswagen lasted the sales figures almost every two months and the sales target of 80.000 to 100.000 electric vehicles have been moved to tangible proximity despite the initial problems. “We still have to develop the Chinese electric market, but that will succeed us,” shows this confident.

VW relies on its own software and its own chip design

For his own software, Volkswagen had to fight with initial problems. And here, too, this is now “positive”, especially since he could test the latest software version for the ID electric series. It is great to experience the VW cars “as a digital device. Faster shop is possible, an automatic lane change comes to it. This is a milestone that such changes have now become possible, even if the cars are already in customer hand “, so in the interview via over-the-air updates, with which cars can be extended by additional functions even after delivery.

A difficult topic is still the chip deficiency, the burner and electric cars equally concerned and be “difficult predictable”. This hopes “that the situation will improve in the next year from quarter to quarter to highlight production to the usual level”. In order to better secure yourself in the future, VW is currently working on its own chip design, where there is “good progress”. For the first time, the self-developed semiconductors in 2026 are to be used in a vehicle: the then brand new electric flagship Trinity.

The new chips “will be very vehicle-specific”, this announces. Today’s semiconductors come to large parts of the CONSUMER ELECTRIC area or telecommunications. That also explain the defect: “We have to share the existing chip quantities with other industries. With its own chips tailored to the car industry, we can also achieve other competitive advantages, “says this.

“I find such a confession very good first”

This also leads to reasons why Volkswagen did not joined the initiative of several automakers on the Climate Summit in Glasgow, to be completely emission-free by 2035. “I find such a commitment very well,” says this. And within the Group there are already similar obligations. Porsche and Audi about “electrify very fast”, which is “typical of the premium area”.

In the volume segment of Volkswagen, however, markets such as Latin America and Russia must also be operated, “where the electrification in the first step is not so meaningful” be: “In Latin America, for example, we have synthetic fuel from renewable raw materials, very established and CO2-free. It would not be particularly useful there, now quickly to change electro cars, not ecologically, “explains this. The conversion towards CO2 freedom must be implemented regionally “synchronously with the ecosystems”.

That’s why this does not want to specify when the world’s last burner is running from VW. It could also be “2035 even useful to drive in Latin America with renewable raw materials car, and you need to burn there,” said the VW CEO. But this is “certainly not for Europe and Germany: VW and Audi will certainly be fully electrical at this time,” says this.

An exit of the German auto industry from the combustion technology already in 2030 does this for “not feasible”. The big challenge are the many battery factories: “The raw materials have to procure new mines”. That’s “already an incredibly tense program”, and the EU’s Green Deal is “very demanding”. Maybe “the chance to achieve that when politics and business move synchronously to these goals”. However, this is not off “that we can become even faster”.

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5 thoughts on “How VW Chef wants to tackle the problems of the Group”

  1. If you want to drive the market leader in electromobility and autonomous driving in a few years from one of the most conservative automotive companies, then this is more than ambitious. Especially because VW has a special situation where in addition to the little helpful worker representation also the policy seat and voice. And the MP is a real flat tong. But this will create that until 2025 and its successor will have it easier.

    VW is well known because this is also very offensive to communicate the problems. I’m curious how it looks internally at BMW, Toyota and all Japanese automotive groups as well as at Stellantis. It is not just about the fact that the electromobility prevails. I do not know if they all know that you can drive autonomously throughout Germany. So there should be either the awareness of what just happens, or the problems at least as big.

  2. You can safely argue about this but he moves something. All desire (also the forum shoe halets here) that VW delivers something and all this, so it works sustainably.
    The problem is not sitting in the chief chair but in the brakers in the Group and in partly obvious dysfunctional structures. That must be broken and you can only hope that it works.
    So far nothing works with others.

  3. We really need more than 40 million in Germany. cars?

    The crisis among the cars should be seen in the face of upcoming climate catastrophes as an opportunity and halve the number of cars – and these should also notice some numbers smaller.

    The times of car-friendly cities with wide streets and large parking spaces are over.

    According to scientists should be about 700.000 jobs at automakers, suppliers, workshops, etc. If there are only e-cars, but also about 700.000 jobs in other areas.

    Climate protection costs no jobs, he only shifts them into more promising areas, creates a clean environment for all and secures the survival of humanity – if all participate.

  4. If the VW board members Gunnar Kilian (Personal) and Manfred DOss (department integrity and law) do not make the same mistakes as their predecessors at the Q94 educational meter for universities and industry, then the conversion may even have a good chance of success. Because a higher speed can only be achieved with real and for this purpose. We have set 7 questions about 8 system qualities and delivered our visitors at the stand equal to an evaluation. At Volkswagen were three qualities in the minus and our analyzes were only arrogant, as our scientific approach is not yet politically correct and, in contrast to the three current academies of science. The are a) Contentular physics and mathematics, b) people-neutral ghosts, legal and humanities and c) Any art and cultural studies with ideologies and religions of all kinds. The mix does not work and is finally at the end after 2,500 years, but no one wants to look more closely and all want to continue as before. At Volkswagen, one would have had enough time since 1994 to eliminate the three defective system qualities and the diesel scandal with billions would not have to be for all concerned and parties. This would have to make a manfred dOss again very concrete, so that he can fill in his office with a scale, which serves measurable the lives of as many people as possible. But also the training must go new ways, so that the right people are in the right place very quickly. For this purpose, a new and d) personally relevant science, which can handle realities, virtualities and above all the reality (natural laws) of life constructive. Banal’s mass psychology and all the selection procedures is not enough for all the selection procedures to bring together high-performance teams, such as my partner and I since 1979 resp. In 1990 and still not allowed … Anyway, for people, especially in Europe, only the way to functional equity with personal relevance to the tasks and individual life fulfillment remains. Our company is becoming increasingly older and the work must be structured otherwise. Here is another approach in dealing with people either the stumbling stone or the cornerstone. So far, VW, especially stumbling blocks of signposts that nobody wanted to understand or have understood or project-oriented. Although we are both over 70 years old, but for a work on new basics with a largely instrumental platform, we are now available again and ready. As I said, the key is not the technique (where the lead has long since come from elsewhere), but the real people in the Group, which have finally earned a secondary cooperation. With topic dictatorships no flowerpot is more to win and in a networked world are relationships and relationships of relationships and only in this way, politically correct manipulations with pure projections can be overcome from each employee the maximum. Incidentally, there are three simple questions to everyone affected and involved: a) What task do you have to fulfill, b) what do you suppress, or. What do you seal or bring it to dry, c) what can not you understand. Who does not answer this immediately knows that is and remains a fool ..


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