How VW develops new battery systems: “Without agility nothing runs”

How VW develops new battery systems:

In the Powerhouse of Volkswagen Group Components you are here early in the process: Dr. Ingke Christine Gray and her Preventing Team Thinking the Battery Systems of the Future and developed to pre-series. Different specialists for safety, construction, component architecture and vehicle engineering work here together to realize optimal battery systems for the Volkswagen Group vehicles, so the manufacturer in a current message.

Was just the topic of cell-to-pack in the trend, think the team around Dr. Ingke-Christine Gray already in Cell-to-Car. Cell-to-pack means that battery cells will be installed directly into the battery case without bundling in modules in the future. Cell-to-Car means that the cells are inserted directly in the vehicle floor and thus integrated part of the chassis construction. Topics to be realized with some security in the next few years in vehicles of Volkswagen Group brands. Because: In a preliminary development department, only that is not every idea in the end is also implemented.

Every idea will be thoroughly checked. Deep detailed could not go gray, if she speaks about her work, because much subject to secrecy. “We work on the battery system for an internal project with the working title, Trinity ‘, so much can I reveal” says gray. ‘Trinity’ is the working title for a future vehicle model of Volkswagen, which is to be based on a state-of-the-art electro-flat platform. Gray coordinates a team of designers, collaborators and system developers, which works, among other things, on behalf of technical development.

In the pre-development, many things must be contemplated from the beginning: the right cooling, high safety specifications, electronics, control. First as a simulation purely virtual, then the system will be perfected until the level 2 release for test bench and test premises within the team of pre-development with the support of series development. Together with the pre-series center, the systems are constructed and tested and released together with series development.

Agile work has long been belonging to everyday life in advance development; Again and again, intermediate steps are questioned and checked. “Only in this way can we come to a logical next step in a team and in the consequence to a good result,” explains gray. From the first idea to the pre-series model, a battery system can also change completely, which brings the way of working with it. Complex are always reasonable, as other components may be affected by a single change, which in turn have an impact on other components. Do not lose the overview and manage this complexity is the main task of Ingke Gray.

E-mobility has known in the Volkswagen Group known as a high priority – in this respect, new demands on the team are always placed. What is needed is fastness, agility and capture of complex contexts. The pre-developers are the creative minds in the formation of a battery system and their time. This ensures that the battery will remain the electric heart of an electric car in the future.

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2 thoughts on “How VW develops new battery systems: “Without agility nothing runs””

  1. Super innovative, what Volkswagen wants to develop there &# 128521;
    At Tesla, by the way, the “Structural Battery” meant and it should already go to Grunheiden in Grunheiden in Groberie.
    You will probably try everything to delay the production in greenhide as long as possible under thread appearance.

    Competition is coming – and allegedly since 2012 &# 128521;

    Time wants Tell

  2. Agile work also has to prevent the reputation inovation. Who is in the agile loop, usually has no time to think creatively. Man thinks in sprints. Agility helps to work standards, where no top people work. If it is running without agility, then do not change.


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