Huawei invests billions in self-propelled E cars under their own brand

Huawei invests billions in self-propelled E cars under their own brand-invests

After Apple and Xiaomi with billions-heavy investments in e-mobility or at least of appropriate plans, it does not surprise that Huawei pays off. These are currently planning with a short-term investment of over a billion US dollar in the study of technologies for self-propelled and electric cars. With this investment you want to create the basis for exceeding Tesla at autonomous driving. But what is the case today.

Huawei’s technology for autonomous driving has already exceeded the Tesla in some areas, for example by allowing cars, more than 1.000 kilometers without human intervention to drive, so the Huawei chairman Eric Xu on Monday before analysts in Shenzhen. It was planned that the Chinese telecommunications giant will first work with three automakers to produce self-propelled cars. These should also be recognized by branding as Huawei E cars. The circle of the partners should be kept small. Xu places in prospect that you are looking for a similar minimalist branding like Intel Corp. On its microprocessors in PCs. The mobile radio giant has previously cooperated with the Baic Group, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. agreed upon.

“The smart car division receives one of Huawei’s largest investments. We will invest more than $ 1 billion in the development of autocomponents this year. In China, 30 million cars are added every year, and more and more. Even if we do not open up the market outside of China, if we sold at every car sold in China averaging 10.000 yuan can earn, that’s a very big business for Huawei.”- Eric Xu, chairman of Huawei

After Huawei had to cover the smartphone sector last year, one concentrate on other areas. New growth areas such as intelligent agriculture, health care and electric cars should help the company continue to grow, securing sales and profits. It is planned that Huawei is the tech giant of Apple Inc. Until Xiaomi connect and target the vehicle industry. The basis for this is the assumption that future cars are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, autonomous and networked.

According to estimates of the market research company CANALYS, the sales of electric cars in China could rise by more than 50% this year alone, as consumers accept more environmentally friendly cars and fall costs. The information and entertainment features of Huawei can already be found in Mercedes-Benz limousines, and the company has with local companies such as Baic Bluepark New Energy Technology Co. together to develop intelligent vehicle systems. The first model within the partnership with the Chinese EV manufacturer, the ArcFox αs HBT, will be presented on the AUTO Shanghai in April.

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2 thoughts on “Huawei invests billions in self-propelled E cars under their own brand”

  1. Yes, this shows that in the future the distance pomat and the lane support assistant will no longer be sufficient when it comes to increasing sales figures of the individual OEMs.
    Autonomous driving is in my opinion much more important and closer as much as many imaginations.
    But instead of not wanting to miss the next technological train internationally, you prefer to only use this in this country only on technology-offness in the powertrain.
    From the former pioneering role in the automotive industry, the Germany has hitherto hitherto remove ourselves – slowly …….- why, surely

  2. My glass ball says:
    The market is occupied in all directions. There is Tesla as a technical pioneer, a lot of money and huge dynamics, there are many startups with infinite coal and great names and the OEMs, their production-,. Sales, and service competence.

    What Huawei: mass production of zero-eight fuffteen cell phones with Android and trouble with the USA.
    Other like Xiaomi also want to mix with BEV. Who can buy Ssangyong, insert plants and personnel and in 5-10 years when everything else is evolving, tested and approved, re-react.


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