Hundreds of electric cars crack world record with e-rally wave

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Hundreds of electric cars crack world record with e-rally wave-hundreds

Right at the beginning of the e-rally Wave, the organizers have made a new world record. Hundreds followed the call to make in Stuttgart the longest electric car parade in the world – and they actually managed.

In order to exceed the record from the previous year, at least 306 electric vehicles had to participate. According to the rules of the Guinness Book of the records, no hybrid cars were allowed to be there, but – that was in the short term – the fuel cell vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. With the record from Norway, in which (still unconfirmed) came together 399 vehicles, the bar was placed higher again. The purely electrically powered vehicles had to cover a 3.5-kilometer route together in the convoy, which led by the Mercedes-Benz Museum to the Stuttgart Volksfestlanden.

At the record attempt was ultimately counted according to the organizer 507 electric cars. A new world record was therefore fixed. The fact that it is also officially included in the Guinness Book of Records is considered safe, even if the number has not yet been officially confirmed.

Hundreds of electric cars crack world record with e-rally wave-recordWorld record with electric cars in Stuttgart at Wave 2014, Photo: Wave (Louis Palmer)

Among the E-vehicles at the fourth E-Rally Wave were also some rarities and individual pieces. A converted VW bus, a land-rover (built in 1963), which was converted to the pure electric vehicle, some Tesla models and 15 purely electric motorcycles. Rally Director Louis Palmer was satisfied: “We show that it goes without oil as a vehicle fuel – we put on clean, renewable energy from water, sun and wind.”

Following the world record, most of the over 500 vehicles in a parking lot have a heart shaped with the words: “Electric Car World Record 2014”. For documentation of the world record and the shaped heart of electric cars, organizer Louis Palmer has provided a small helicopter, which took the whole of the air.

Video: World Record “World’s Longest Electric Car Parade in the World” at Wave 2014 in Stuttgart

Hundreds of electric cars crack world record with e-rally wave-cars

The E-Rally Wave 2014 leads the 68 international teams with their 140 E vehicles from Stuttgart from Munich to the Swiss Alps, where they are on 7. June will end on the mountain Rigi near Lucerne. There, the team gets the “Wave Trophy” with the everyday – suitable vehicle.

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