Hybrid car: The Toyota Prius is complicated but reliable


The Toyota Prius is complicated but reliable

Hybrid car: The Toyota Prius is complicated but reliable-prius

In the endurance test of the "Car picture" the Prius (pictured at the Detroit Motor Show) proved to be very reliable. However, the hybrid car was not particularly economical

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Brilliant achievement in the endurance test: In the Toyota Prius, only two lightbulbs failed in over 100,000 kilometers. Inside there was cause for criticism in the most famous hybrid car.

D.he Toyota Prius embarrasses people. Not because the hybrid car with what is currently the most complex drive technology on the market would be unreliable. The opposite is the case: on a 100,000-kilometer long-term test conducted by the specialist magazine "Auto Bild “didn’t break anything on the Prius – apart from two light bulbs in the headlights.

Another 100,000 kilometers

The testers felt compelled to call the manufacturer to ask a question that usually evokes embarrassed silence on the other end of the line: "Can we drive it another 100,000 kilometers? ”It took Toyota less than 24 hours for one "Yes ”, where other manufacturers delay a negative answer for a long time.

Because the higher the mileage, the sooner the defect rate can rise, and companies fear negative headlines.

Toyota is convinced of the long-term quality of its car, especially since the Dekra appraiser who worked through his checklist on the Prius also had a problem: "What should I talk about with this car? ”He did not find any defects.

The hybrid pioneer, introduced in 1997 and sold in its third generation since 2009, was convincing across the board: Neither the 82 PS 1.8-liter four-cylinder nor the rigors of the endurance test could be seen, nor the body or the chassis. Neither the electric motor, which increases the system output to 136 hp, nor the batteries, the editors had to chalk up. "Everything went smoothly, ”was the verdict.

Prius 2006 exists without defects

But they also went into this test with high expectations: A Prius 2006 had completed its first long-term check with zero errors. The motors worked together discreetly, and the stepless automatic system ensured smooth acceleration. The purely electric parking maneuver was fascinating, even though the officially stated range of 1.5 kilometers in purely electric mode was never achieved during the test.

40 euros for the two light bulbs

In the end, the repair costs totaled around 700 euros, 40 euros turned off the two lightbulbs, the rest was at the expense of the brake pads, which wear out. In addition, there were the usual inspection costs every 15,000 kilometers. 17 cents were incurred per kilometer; Including the loss in value, it was 32 cents.

A little, but only a little bit, the test drivers then scrambled on the hybrid model student: The chassis was bumpy, the glove compartment and center console were sloppily made, and there was no USB socket – none of these were major flaws, but anomalies that did not lead to The high-tech demands of the Prius fit.

Hybrid vehicles don’t work miracles

The fact that even hybrid vehicles do not work miracles in terms of efficiency according to the current state of the art is shown by the consumption: 6.3 liters on average for a 1.4 ton car is not bad, but also not a value that is particularly impressive.

Comparable diesels work at a similar level. From a visual point of view, the Prius with its stubby tail is still considered by many to be "A matter of taste "felt. But technically, the Japanese with the two engine hearts is not a solution to embarrassment.

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