Hybrid VW Multivan catches fire while driving

New electrical incident

He was only 10 days old: VW Multivan with hybrid drive burns down while driving

Hybrid VW Multivan catches fire while driving-catches
VW In the future, the VW Multivan will primarily be offered as a hybrid version. One of the new models has now burned out in an incident (VW press photo)

VW discontinues the diesel drive and also uses hybrid for the Bulli. One of the semi-electric Multivans caught fire while driving. The driver was able to save himself. It is not the first incident with a brand new Volkswagen Stromer.

Shortly after a spectacular car park fire caused by a VW ID.4 , and a VW ID that burned down while charging.3 In the Netherlands, it is now catching one of the new electrical stars of VW boss Herbert Diess: On the federal road 192 near Waren an der Muritz (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), a brandy VW Multivan Plug-in Hybrid burned out.This time the vehicle did not burn when loading, but in the middle of the trip: "Shortly before the village, the vehicle was on fire due to a technical defect. The driver still managed to drive the vehicle on the right side of the road and leave the vehicle when the engine compartment and the passenger compartment already burned. This burned out completely. To delete the vehicle, the comrades of the volunteer fire brigades came out of goods, large plasts and Schloen. These could extinguish the fire. They were used with 39 comrades and 6 vehicles", reports the police.

39 firefighters for a burning hybrid bulli

According to the police, the VW Multivan Ehybrid was only on 25. November was admitted, just 10 days old. The drive train is known from the Arteon PHEV, among other things, and combines a 110 kW / 150 PS petrol engine with an 86 kW / 115 PS electric motor, resulting in a system output of 160 kW / 218 PS. A lithium-ion battery supplies the electric motor with power.

E-car flares up: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Hybrid VW Multivan catches fire while driving-catches

site E-car flares up: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

Challenge for the fire department

While insurers assume that e-cars catch fire no more frequently than petrol vehicles, extinguishing battery-powered vehicles has repeatedly proved difficult – mainly because of the enormous water consumption. The batteries must be extinguished with plenty of water and can continue to flare up afterwards, even days after the fire event. In the city of Kulmbach in Baden-Wurttemberg, there was even a temporary ban on parking electric vehicles in underground car parks, but this was lifted again. A few months ago, an electric bus probably caused a devastating fire in a bus depot in Stuttgart .

Electric strategy: Diess throws out the diesel

The VW Bulli is one of the most popular and important models from VW, both in the company car and in the leisure sector and not least among authorities and organizations such as the police and fire brigade. In the future, the popular van should be offered as a hybrid version and no more as a diesel in accordance with VW boss Diess’s electro strategy, apart from a basic motorization. This wants to remove the diesel drive out of the program for all VW models as soon as possible. I recently used a massive increase in petrol and diesel prices to boost the sales of electric cars.

New theft trick: These car owners should be worried

Hybrid VW Multivan catches fire while driving-E-car flares driver owes manufacturer

Site/Wochit New theft trick: These car owners should be worried

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9 thoughts on “Hybrid VW Multivan catches fire while driving”

  1. That’s right
    burn more often!!! ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICS are 90 percent responsible for the fire … and not the combustion engine otor!!!!

  2. I do not understand how the KBA and even those
    Government officials just watch, really do nothing, although, as reported by the site, there are real fire series. This is manufacturer-independent, up to buses or entire bus depots. You close your eyes and tolerate these highly dangerous incendiary bombs on the road. If you wait until someone goes up in the middle of the city, another parking garage or bus depot burns down and people are not only injured but killed? In my view that is irresponsible. The environmental pollution caused by these fires is not recorded anywhere, people act as if they didn’t exist. As Site wrote so beautifully: The depot fire in Stuttgart made the Neckartor appear as a climatic health resort. A very macabre comparison, but it’s a lot worse because of the extinguishing water

  3. @KOpnick you’re wrong, I’m a specialist
    I’m just wondering which subject I know better than that "honors graduates" are? Google echo chamber specialist?

  4. Incomprehensible
    VW wanted to get away from the combustion engine in Germany. Now another VW has caught fire. Maybe VW should sell scooters or kettcars. Although a chain model might not last as long either.

  5. After all !
    Has it worked flawlessly for 10 days?. Regardless of what the trigger was, it’s amazing how many absolutely new cars just start burning…… The new models are only battery or something with hybrid…. Since you can probably not read the truth anywhere, you can think about something yourself….

  6. Battery cars are dangerous
    And if you burn, very difficult to delete. With huge amounts of water, which then contaminates (highly toxic) into the ground. Here, too, the e-disciples will play everything down again, as always. Now please imagine that the man was out in the city. During the fire, high -toxic gases are free and even river acid. And, the man would have had the children in the car …. The full fire is created in seconds. The woman in Holland had just been able to save her child out of the standing car. The new VW was also suddenly opened in flames unmotivated. As far as the environmental pollution concerned in a specific case is concerned, in which statistics is this recorded? Oh I see … green pollutants … are ignored. Like the danger of the LI batteries

  7. @Sochgen everyone can read the report themselves
    and will see what’s going on, except E-disciples who don’t even have a science background. Use American sales strategies for this. Causing confusion, simply stating things, trying to distract from the core issue. IT’S ABOUT NOW BUILT-IN BATTERIES WHICH ARE INCREASEDLY ON THE ROAD AND BURNING. E-disciples’ fantasies about the future have no relevance.

  8. New combustion incident
    As is well known, a hybrid car is not an e-car, even if it is allowed to carry an e-license plate. It’s a combustion engine with an e-assist motor to increase "system performance". That’s what it says in many brochures. As a result, a combustion engine caught fire while driving. As is well known, it is not that rare.

  9. @KOpnick, they can’t think of anything?
    Now they want to trump with the spelling .. and may too. But that has nothing to do with the topic. Battery cars are constantly on fire, leaving behind large amounts of pollutants, the existence of which is disputed or not? What they don’t want to see doesn’t exist. But the fires are real, as are the pollutants. New cars burn, not old ones.


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