Hydrogen network: Hyundai rises in H2 Mobility

Hydrogen network: Hyundai rises in H2 Mobility-hydrogen

Hyundai wants to further drive the use of the fuel cell. The Koreans are therefore shareholders at H2 Mobility, a company that builds and coordinates the nationwide hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. As is apparent from a communication, the Group will be represented by Hyundai Motor Germany GmbH in the shareholders’ meeting. The cartel office has already given green light, it says. Hyundai is thus the seventh shareholder next to the founding members Total Energy, Shell, OMV, Linde, Air Liquide and Daimler.

Hyundai has been associated with H2 Mobility since 2017 and has been actively involved in developing a hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. The construction of a functioning and nationwide network of gas stations is fundamentally to establish the fuel cell vehicles of the brand further successfully on the market, it means. The hydrogen infrastructure in Germany count to the most developed in Europe.

“With accession, Hyundai underlines the increasing importance of hydrogen, as a guarantee of a sustainable, unrestricted mobility and complementary solution to the battery”, commented the H2 Mobility Chief Nikolas Ivan the step. Michael Cole, President of Hyundai Motor Europe, sees in the partnership “New possibilities for creating a clean hydrogen ecosystem”.

Since 2015, H2 Mobility has been establishing and operating the hydrogen petrol station network in Germany. As the world’s largest operator, the company is currently responsible for 91 petrol stations, most of them in Germany in the metropolitan areas of Hamburg, Berlin, Rhein-Ruhr, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich and at the adjacent highways. Further two petrol stations are in the planning phase, 10 in the approval phase, three stands shortly before commissioning.

According to H2 Mobility Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with 700 bar can be filled at all stations, on a growing number also moderate commercial vehicles with 350 bar. In order to meet the increasing number of larger commercial vehicles such as buses, refuse vehicles, sweepers and trucks with fuel cell drive, future stations, a hydrogen refueling besides 700 from the outset also with 350 bar.

Hyundai has long been working with hydrogen, energy and logistics companies around the world to expand its business with fuel cell systems and promote change to a hydrogen society. With the Xcient Fuel Cell Hyundai has already used the world’s first produced in series and hydrogen-operated heavy duty cars since 2020 in Switzerland. By 2025, Hyundai plans to deliver 1600 units of the fuel cell truck to Europe.

In Munich, the Hyundai Motor Company has been working together with two bus companies, for several weeks with two bus companies, the Elec City Fuel Cell Bus driven by hydrogen in the test operation in daily use. Due to the test mode, it should be proved that with hydrogen-operated buses a practicable and efficient solution for the commercial passenger transport.

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