Hyundai: 2-3 of all deliveries with alternative drives

Hyundai: 2-3 of all deliveries with alternative drives-hyundai

Hyundai continues his high-altitude flight, as is said in a corresponding communication of the car manufacturer. One looks at a market share of 5.3 percent in September 2021 and is again strongest import brand in Germany. Furthermore, the past month has meanwhile been the fifth record month in a row and strongest month of all time. Also in terms of alternative drives you set new standards.

Because the great interest in vehicles with alternative drives is unbroken on the German market. In addition, the manufacturers benefit from offering one of the most comprehensive offers on electric vehicles, including fuel cell drive, as well as models with hybrid or plug-in hybrid drive, on the market. The proportion of vehicles with alternative drives is at Hyundai in the months of January to August at 65 percent. Also in September, the percentage of electrical, hydrogen, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars is at this level.

“In the first eight months, we opened one among the non-clean electric brands in the CO2 emissions and continue to expect good low values. Also in September we are now top: a result of just over 90 grams in September shows that with our future strategy of electrifying our models we have taken the right path.”- Jurgen Keller, Managing Director Hyundai Motor Germany

Just look at the purely electrically powered vehicles shows that Hyundai could reach third place in the paragraph of pure electricity in September in September. In the first nine months were around 19.000 Pure electric vehicles from Hyundai newly approved. Especially at the Kona Elektro, Hyundai benefits from production in the Czech plant NoSovice, which enables short delivery times for an electric car. The high proportion of electrical units helps the Kona to a top position in the B-segment of SUV in Germany.

In addition, Hyundai gives understanding that “Furio’s started IoniQ 5” will play an important role for sales of the company. The battery-electric car on the market for four months has prevailed in various comparison test itself against the German premium competition, according to Hyundai conclusively.

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  1. I kindly find it funny that Hyundai also explicitly calls his hydrogen car (Nexo). According to KBA, it has been admitted in 2021 in Germany so far 82 pieces. In 2020 and 2019 per 220 or. 140. Of course, the bands really in the statistics. Alone in June 2021, 2588 pure Bevs of Hyundai (ie Ioniq5, Kona, Ioniq) were admitted in Germany.


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