Hyundai builds fuel cell plant in China

Hyundai builds fuel cell plant in China-hyundai

Hyundai massively drives its hydrogen strategy. And not only in their own country, but with a view of the world market. The Hyundai Motor Group, which belongs to the Automobile Marken Hyundai, Kia and Genesis, will build your first fuel cell plant outside Korea in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. A corresponding investment agreement was recently signed with the government of Guangdong Province.

With the advance in China’s rapidly growing hydrogen industry, the Group builds its world’s leading role in this technology area. The construction of the new factory should start already in February, the completion is planned for the second half of 2022. In the system, according to Hyundai initial 6.500 fuel cell systems produced per year. The annual capacity should then be gradually increased according to demand.

The plant in Guangzhou is intended to use the comprehensive know-how of the Group in the production of fuel cell systems in order to secure a technological leadership position in the Chinese hydrogen industry. In the new factory, exactly those systems are manufactured, which are currently used in fuel cell SUV Hyundai Nexo.

In addition, the group with Chinese companies wants to work together to participate in Hydrogen pilot projects and initiatives of Guangdong government and to use the resulting competitive advantage in the Chinese market. International companies from Japan, Germany, Great Britain and other countries cooperates also with the Chinese partners to develop technologies for fuel cell vehicles and promote the local hydrogen industry.

The “China Society of Automotive Engineers” published a plan with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is illustrated by China’s ambitions in promoting the hydrogen economy. Accordingly, to 2035 one million cars with fuel cells in Chinese roads should be on the road. The focus will be on commercial vehicles.

In December 2018, the Hyundai Motor Group published its own long-term roadmap “Fuel Cell Vision 2030″ and reaffirms that the Group wants to use its leading position in fuel cell technology to accelerate the development to a “hydrogen society”. The roadmap includes, among other things, the goal, annually 700.To produce 000 fuel cells to serve demand from different industries.

The Group has been dealing with the development of fuel cell systems for over 20 years. In 2013 he launched the world’s first produced fuel cell vehicle with the Hyundai IX35, followed by the second generation in 2018, the Hyundai Nexo. At the end of 2020, the first seven units of the Xcient Fuel Cell Truck were delivered to customers in Switzerland – the first fuel cell truck produced in series. For the German market, the vehicle is still not homologated so far.

In addition, Koreans recently introduced the new “HTWO” division, which is responsible for the further development and marketing of Hyundai fuel cells. The company has also strengthened its capacities and partnerships in research and development in many industries in order to promote the way into hydrogen industry.

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  1. The last doubters should now awaken. The emphasis in this article is that a Koeaner in China builds hydrogen relief to show new ways in the commercial vehicle sector.

  2. Yes, H2 will be in agree Areas where electricity (instead of oil and coal) is not directly and “suitably” applicable, also useful as a H2 fuel cell.


    1. In the car hydrogen is already mousetot – even if it is not all know &# 128521;
    2. In the truck, the fleet operators will make a clear decision in favor of lower costs (TCO!) meeting!

    So, as long as neither by state intervention nor by other “price subsidies” cost imbalances are brought about, H2 remains essentially a “niche product” on the road!


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