Hyundai delivers first Kona Electric from the Czech Republic

Hyundai delivers first Kona Electric from the Czech Republic-czech

Hyundai Motor recently recorded the production of the Kona Electric in its European production facility in the Czech Republic. The first electric cars produced for European markets left the work last week and went to customers across Europe. Together with the increased production from the Korean Hyundai plant in Ulsan, the company 2020 wants the availability of the Kona Electric for its customers in Europe more than tripled compared to the previous year. Long delivery times should therefore belong to the past and only a good three months.

The plant in Nosovice will produce the power more power of the two Hyundai Kona Electric versions, which has a 150 kW electric motor and a battery capacity of 64 kWh, which allows a range of up to 450 km after the WLTP standard.

“The expansion of the production of the Kona Electric is an important step in satisfying the growing European demand for electric cars. By reducing the distance, which the vehicle has to return between the production site and the consumer, the delivery times are shortened. We also strengthen Europe as a production site by producing future mobility solutions on site.”- Dong Woo Choi, President and CEO of the headquarters of Hyundai Motor Europe

All production levels of the Hyundai plant in the Czech Republic were prepared for the Kona Electric: the punchingerei, the welding, the paint shop and the assembly. The production line had to be extended by 15 meters due to a new production level with the installation of the electric battery.

The batteries are manufactured in Europe, which reduces the distance which must cover this component so important. In the factory, a new bearing was set up in which the batteries are kept. An automatically guided vehicle transports it from there to the production line. The paint shop also introduced a new two-tone painting process because the Kona Electric is also available with a two-tone roof.

The Hyundai plant in Nosovice is one of the largest and most modern automotive plants in Europe. The work plans, in 12 months more than 35.To produce 000 units of the Kona Electric. The current production is 150 electro cars per day. Hyundai also offers customers the opportunity to pursue the expected arrival time (ETA) of their Kona Electric. After the order, the ETA tool allows the pursuit of the vehicle from production to final delivery.

In 2020, Hyundai is expected to be more than 80.000 units of emission-free vehicles to European customers deliver, including the SUV Kona Electric, the Ioniq Electric and the Nexo Fuel Cell Car. With this development, Hyundai, 2020, is expected to become the largest provider of emission-free vehicles in Europe.

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6 thoughts on “Hyundai delivers first Kona Electric from the Czech Republic”

  1. I would also like to buy one but unfortunately did not expect that that with the e car goes so fast …?
    I had the gasoline Kona leased last year with which I am of course very satisfied … The leasing contract goes for another 3 years after that I can only beat again ,,, Then it will definitely be the Eleko Kona!!! And until then they are a bit cheaper again than today Jeah!!!

  2. The Kona would now be cheaper now. For the price of a well-equipped Kona 64 kWh you get loose a model 3 SR +, an ID 3 First Edition, or a polestar. If Hyundai would like to remain competitive with a vehicle with a vehicle with only 70 kW fast charging and on the burning base and would like to achieve these sales destinations, this will only go over the price.

  3. Write the fucking prices pure …
    The automotive companies always avoid the e-auto prices – while the burners always stand with the prices?
    Probably the shame and the bad conscience for e-cars to demand so much more, although nearly 4000 parts less?

  4. The E-Kona is undoubtedly one of the best e-vehicles I’ve driven, since the German manufacturers have a lot to tinker until they have caught up, both in the price and technically and within reach.

  5. @ Rainer brOmstrup

    The Europeans get rifle aid from China (BMW at Brilliance, Volvo = Geely, Renault and PSA at Dongfeng, Mercedes …). With Chinese help, developing country brings Europe soon. So, no panic!


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