Hyundai E platform E-GMP:> 500 km range; Load under 18 minutes

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On this platform, electric vehicles with rear drive and 800 volt technology will be developed in the future. Already 2021 the E platform is used as the basis for the IoniQ 5.

As with pure electric platforms, the Hyundai platform also plays its strength accordingly and brings with it to platforms for burners some e-specific advantages: These include more flexibility in development, high performance, greater range, optimized security elements and more Place for inmates and luggage. The platform is modular and strongly standardized, which reduces the complexity. This promotes a quick and flexible development. It can be used in most vehicle segments – both sedanes and SUV and crossover models

“The front-driven, battery-electric Hyundai and KIA models are already among the most efficient in their segments. With the rear-wheel drive-based E-GMP, we expand our technology leadership on segments where customers expect excellent driving dynamics and outstanding efficiency.”- Albert Biermann, President and Development Manager of the Hyundai Motor Group

Fayez Abdul Rahman, Senior Vice President of the Center for Vehicle Architecture Development of the Hyundai Motor Group, continues to perform: “E-GMP is the result of years of research and development work and combines state-of-the-art technologies. Through this innovative new platform, we will further develop and strengthen our range of battery-powered models.”In addition, the company indicates that the modular structure mentioned contributes to the flexibility in terms of different customer claims to the performance. To speed up a high performance model in less than 3.5 seconds from zero to Tempo 100 and can achieve a maximum speed of 260 hour kilometers.

E-GMP protects against battery and contributes to the range increase

The battery is particularly protected in the new platform by a special body structure in the bottom area of ultra-high-resistant steel. To high stiffness of this structure, the additional mounting with highly stable, hot-formed steel components contributes. In the case of a collision, the impact energy can be efficiently caught efficiently by energy-absorbing areas of body and chassis, effective load paths and a central part of the battery pack, which is firmly connected to the bodywork.

As part of the presentation of the E-GMP platform, Hyundai communicates that it was also possible to increase the energy vision of the battery to increase around ten percent compared to the existing battery technologies. Among other things, the improved cooling capacity contributes, which is the result of a new battery structure with separate cooling blocks. This structure enables a more compact design that benefits the room offer in the interior and also reduces the weight of the battery pack.

Hyundai gives to understand: different drives implementable

The drive system consists of a powerful electric motor, a gearbox and an inverter (inverter). All three components are summarized into a module. It ensures a powerful power development, since the maximum engine speed is up to 70 percent higher than in previous electric motors. Hyundai also provides that all models based on the E-GMP platform use a standardized battery module of the same type. However, this can be easily adjusted, depending on the vehicle segment, range requirements or customer needs.

Initially mentioned, the new electro platform is designed by default on rear drive. However, this can be expanded by an additional motor to the four-wheel drive. In this case, the four-wheel system includes a gear separation switch with which the front drive can be switched on and off to switch depending on the driving situation between rear and four-wheel drive.

Flexible charging system, battery also usable for supply of external devices

With E-GMP, Hyundai opens at an early stage charging outputs of 350 kW, which is only implemented by 800 volt technology. This is currently used at the ionity fast charging stations, a quick-release network, which Hyundai has officially joined some time ago. Therefore, it is only comprehensible that the E-GMP is 800-volt fast-loaded by default and can be connected to 400 volt stations without additional components or adapters.

“Vehicles based on the E-GMP have a maximum range of over 500 kilometers (according to WLTP) with full battery (according to WLTP) and can be loaded at a correspondingly powerful station in just 18 minutes to 80 percent. A “Nachtarten” for 100 kilometers range is possible in just five minutes.”- Hyundai

The charging system is flexible not only in the voltage, but also in the direction of the current flow: it dominates the so-called bidirectional store. Therefore, the vehicle battery can be used to use external electrical appliances with 110- or. To supply 220 volt alternating current or if necessary also charge another electric vehicle. The bidirectionality is enabled by the newly developed integrated charging control unit (Integrated Charging Control Unit, ICCU). Via the V2L function, which supplies electricity with a capacity of up to 3.5 kW, a medium-sized air conditioner and a 55-inch TV can be operated for up to 24 hours.

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  1. The bidirectional charging unit would be a great progress in de emobile and associated integration into smartgrid networks.
    Hopefully Hyundai will not forget a powerful AC charge with threepasig> = 11, better> = 22 kW, which would be more than sensible and desirable.

  2. 800 volts and rear drive are the absolutely tip. That will probably be my next car. Absolutely alta – suitable for long-distance super.

  3. From the nes. 500 km range can be confidently deducted half in reality, is so with each plug car. At Hyundai, there are even driving areas about it. Reporter of the MDR drives with full battery, so alleged 270 km reach from Magdeburg to Halle, 100 km away, exterior temp. 5 ° C. In Halle he had only 30 km reach. A big movie theater …

  4. Difficult topic.
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    Sounds good.
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