Hyundai: Electric car Crossover NE first in Europe?

Hyundai: Electric car Crossover NE first in Europe?-electric

According to a media report, Hyundai plans to bring the purely electric crossover SUV to the European market with the working title NE first before it is introduced in Korea. According to Hyundai Business Korea, to produce the new electric car model from the first quarter 2021 in his work in Ulsan, Korea,.

The NE is based on the EV Concept Car 45, which has recently been presented at the International Automotive Exhibition in Frankfurt. The 45 is based on a reinterpretation of the design of Hyundai Motor’s first concept car Pony Coupe presented 45 years ago. Already in June Hyundai had announced a new electro platform, which should be created from 2020 first vehicles.

Hyundai is considering exporting the NE to Europe before being introduced on the domestic market and the USA. It is very unusual that Hyundai sells a model first overseas even before the Korean market, with the exception of some models specializing in overseas markets. According to the report, Hyundai, the NE 70.To produce 000 times a year. However, there is no distribution of quantities to the individual markets.

The Korean manufacturer will – like all other automakers, must comply with stricter environmental regulations in Europe from the coming year. The European Union also agreed a few months ago in the context of tightening the rules on the implementation of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement, a further gradual reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. By 2030, the fleet-wide emissions of new cars should fall by 37.5 percent compared to 2021. By 2025, a reduction target of 15 percent is valid. The legislation also sets a CO2 reduction target for new transporters of 31 percent to 2030.

The car manufacturers must reduce their European CO2 emissions from the coming year of 130 g / km to 95 g / km from average. If this is not met, a fine of 95 euros per unit is imposed, which takes into account each gram above the permitted CO2 emissions and the number of quantities sold. Hyundai threatens a punishment in low to medium three-digit millions.

Hyundai also plans to produce the electro-car model Kona Electric from the first quarter of the coming year in his Czech work. If the plan becomes reality, Hyundai will first produce electric cars in a foreign plant with the exception of China. In addition, Hyundai in the Czech work allegedly plans environmentally friendly products such as a hybrid version of the Tucson of the 4. generation.

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  1. In the weak goals, 2030 more CO2 is produced in traffic than today, since old cars continue and only a small share of new cars would be CO2-free. Crazy!


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