Hyundai Genesis Shootig Brake: All information

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

Nothing electric, nothing SUV: Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis brings Edel-Kombi with diesel and petrol engine

Hyundai Genesis Shootig Brake: All information-information
genesis Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

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Genesis slowly makes you serious. After the larger models G80 and GV80, the Korean luxury offshoot of the Hyundai Group are now presenting the G70 Shooting Brake.

This is quite surprising, because interest in combination in most markets-also in Europe-decreases due to the ongoing SUV wave. Nevertheless, the Koreans decided not only to develop a sporty limousine from the Genesis G70 especially for the European market, but also to develop a chic combination variant. This is specially positioned against the German premium trio of BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 Avant and Mercedes C-Class and is always impressive with a designable design. As with the big brothers Genesis G80 and GV80, the Koreans not only rely on design, but also a luxurious equipment.

Hyundai Genesis Shootig Brake: All information-genesis
genesis Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

Genesis comes with diesel and petrol engines

The engine portfolio of the 4.69 meter long medium -class bracket is much more manageable than expected. The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake is at least initially only available with one diesel and petrol engine with four cylinders. The two liter turbo gasoline engine produces 180 kW / 245 hp and a maximum torque of 353 Nm. The 2.2 liter Commonraildiesel, which does 147 kW / 200 PS / 440 Nm, is significantly more economical.

Hyundai Genesis Shootig Brake: All information-hyundai
genesis Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

Advertisement beige models are mandatory to an eight -speed automatic; There are optionally rear wheel or all-wheel drive. An charged six -cylinder is missing on offer as well as an electrical or at least a hybrid drive variant that offers the competition.

Lots of space and a lot of luxury

Inside, the mid -class passenger is as chic as it is processed. In contrast to the identically motorized sedan of the Genesis G70, there is a significantly larger load space that holds 465 liters – around 40 percent more than the sedan. With a folded back seat, the volume increases behind the electrical tailgate up to 1535 liters.

Hyundai Genesis Shootig Brake: All information-shootig
genesis Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

Customers have the choice between the equipment variants Premium, luxury and sport in the G70 Shooting Brake. In addition to the corresponding comfort equipment, the Genesis G70 Shooting Brake as well as all other models of the Korean car manufacturer are equipped with a complete package of driver assistance and security systems. In terms of price, it should be under 50.Go off 000 euros. Included in the price: five years of guarantee, service, breakdown service and corresponding updates.

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Hyundai Genesis Shootig Brake: All information-hyundai

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