Hyundai Ioniq 5 in the long-distance check: The E-car 1000 km-News drives so quickly

One of the great strengths of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is its good charging power: the Korean can load up to 232 kW on a DC charging station, enough for 100 kilometers of range with only five minutes on the pillar. But this helps the Ioniq with the fastest possible coping with a 1.000 kilometers long route?

Bjørn Nyland is a well -known Norwegian YouTuber who was committed to electromobility years ago. On his channel, Nyland carries out all sorts of tests with all sorts of vehicles – however, one of its special areas is the so -called "Hypermiling". Hypermiling describes the attempt to drive a focus on the greatest possible efficiency, so that a tank filling – or in this case a load – brings the car as far as possible.

Nyland has for its 1.000 kilometer challenge, in which he measures how long different electric cars need to a distance of 1.To drive 000 kilometers, most recently used the Ioniq 5 with all -wheel drive. A car that has an excellent charging capacity thanks to its e-GMP platform with an 800 volt side network, which, however, also eats a lot of electricity at high speeds.

In the middle of the night and at an average temperature of 18 degrees, Nyland sets off with a 100 percent fully charged battery. The average speed is 100 kilometers per hour while driving. The result: for 1.000 kilometers takes the Norwegian ten hours and six minutes – on the way he had to make five charging stops.

The average efficiency of the Ioniq 5 was 261 watt hours per kilometer driven while driving. However, Nyland points out that he would have done the route in under ten hours. However, there was a few minutes of delay here and there, and Nyland had to load five times, but actually four charging stops would have been enough. The fact that it rained during half of the journey time also made the Ioniq 5 less efficient than it could have been.

According to his own statement, Nyland put the five charging stops after 183 kilometers, 374 kilometers, 593 kilometers, 685 kilometers and 849 kilometers. You can see in the YouTube video how the Ioniq cuts with its time of almost exactly ten hours compared to other electricity, which Nyland has tested so far.

Traveling with the electric car: these tips are very relaxed

Also cover long distances with the electric car is no longer a problem. Current electric cars drive more and more efficiently, load faster and have larger batteries. The charging infrastructure for electric cars is continuously expanded. Long -haul drivers, business travelers and everyone who wants to use their Stromer not only for urban short -haul traffic can be happy.

The fear of range loses their horrors when you take some tips to heart. Site has put together the best travel tips for the e-car.

  • To plan: Before the departure, get a route with suitable charging options. Do not only rely on the navigation system of your electric car. Route planning apps for e-cars such as "A Better Route Planner" Help you find the right charging stations for your electric car even on the go. Apps such as Moovility often know more charging stations than the navigation system of electric cars and can also provide information about occupancy and defects.

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  • Load: The loading prices and charging network coverage of your charging card can be much worse abroad than in Germany. Before the journey, make sure that you can also shop abroad.

    Often it is also worth ordering a charging card from abroad. Apps such as Chargprice will help you find compatible charging stations and the cheapest electricity tariff.

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  • Emergency plan: On the safe side, go with a mobile charging station in luggage. With this equipment you can charge both simple sockets as well as one and three-phase CEE industrial tanks- and that with up to 22 kW performance. With your own mobile charging station you remain relaxed and independent, and your electric car is quick for the next stage in no time.

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    If you still run out of the juice on the way, you need an emergency service. Family familiarize yourself with the emergency services and rescue services of your car manufacturer. These services are often free for new car buyers. Used car drivers can contact the ADAC. Do you know the corresponding numbers and conditions.

You also drive an electric car or a plug-in hybrid and experience special, frustrating or fascinating stories on vacation or in everyday life? Write an email to our editors! We share your story with millions of e-car fans!

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