Hyundai Ioniq eV – range around 320 km

Hyundai Ioniq eV - range around 320 km-hyundai

Hyundai brings his Ioniq into things range a lot. Thus, rumors in circulation are that the electrician starts at 2018 with more reach – 320 kilometers are in conversation according to EPA cycle. Where it should be noted that this EPO cycle is much closer to reality and shows realistic values than the NEFZ.

Currently the IoniQ electric has an electric drive with 88 kW (120 hp) power and 295 nm torque over a range of 280 kilometers. Where not only the efficient drive, but also the large charging capacity of 28 kWh of the battery is contributed to the range of the E-vehicle of Hyundai. As well as the IoniQ Hybrid, the electro version is waiting for high-voltage battery with the most modern technology in the automotive environment: There is always a lithium-ion polymer battery used.

Hyundai Ioniq eV - range around 320 km-range

The new battery will be a lot more powerful with regard to a possible range of 320 kilometers. In my opinion, there is also time that Hyundai does this path, because the competition is not sleeping – as a current example, only the Opel Ampera-E is mentioned with a range of 500 kilometers (NEFZ standard). But also under realistic conditions this should be approached to the 380 kilometers.

Renault continued to introduce the Zoe R400 in Paris, which should over 400 kilometers. BMW and Nissan work on their bestsellers already introduced on the market, the I3 and Leaf to push their reach as well as.

“The positive performance of the Hyundai Ioniq in the two comparisons of the journal Auto picture are a beautiful confirmation to make the right step in electromobility with the introduction of the new series. With the Ioniq and the fuel cell vehicle IX35 Fuel Cell5 we are now the only manufacturer worldwide, which offers all important alternative drives in production vehicles.”- Markus Schrick, Managing Director Hyundai Motor Germany GmbH

The quote comes from the press release point victory for the Hyundai Ioniq in the car Image comparison of Hyundai Motor.

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