Hyundai Ioniq from autumn 2016 as electric car and hybrid vehicle

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Hyundai Ioniq from autumn 2016 as electric car and hybrid vehicle-ioniq

From the fall of 2016 there is another model in the categories of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Because Hyundai brings his Hyundai Ioniq as such to the start. At the beginning of October, the hybrid variant is expected, the pure electricity variant should then follow no later than the end of the year. With a plug-in hybrid, however, is not expected in mid-2017.

By the way, Hyundai Ioniq is the first car at all, which comes to the market in three different E-drive technologies. One may be curious if other automobiles can also be convinced by this strategy and bringing their vehicles to the market accordingly.

Hyundai Ioniq from autumn 2016 as electric car and hybrid vehicle-hyundai

Hyundai Ioniq as a hybrid vehicle

In the hybrid version, Hyundai relies on a system performance of 104 kW / 141 hp, which gives through the interaction of a gasoline engine with 77 kW / 105 hp and an electric motor with 32 kW / 44 hp power. According to standard, the hybrid consumes only 3.4 liters to 100 kilometers. For the battery used, the company did not allow much. So far, there is only an electric range of more than 50 kilometers in the room. The Hyundai Ioniq is priced as a hybrid vehicle from 23.To have 900 euros.

Hyundai Ioniq as electric car

Awards Hyundai moves around 44 with the Ioniq as an e-variant.000 Euro above the hybrid variant – 33.300 Euro. By using the environmental bonus, however, the price can be on 29.300 euros are pressed. The pure electricity version brings it to 88 kW / 120 hp, which is a maximum speed of 165 km / h, with a consumption of 11.5 kWh / 100 km.

If you look at the vehicle from the range, this is more thought for the city. The 28 kWh battery allows a route to cover 280 kilometers. Loading times have not yet been mentioned. It is merely known that the Hyundai IoniQ can be loaded on both the 230 volt socket or via fast charging.

“The Hyundai Ioniq is the first production model that has been consistently developed for three alternative drives. Thus, together with the fuel cell vehicle IX35 Fuel Cell, Hyundai offers the only manufacturer worldwide all important alternative drives in production vehicles.”

Facilities Variants of the Hyundai IoniQ

The variants hybrid and electro will be available in a total of three equipment lines: trend, style and premium. In the standard equipment, both models combine seven airbags, a tracking assistant, a speed control system with spacer control, a emergency brake assistant, a 4.2 inch on-board computer, large TFT display, automatic climate control and a multimedia system with DAB + digital radio, 5 inches of large LCD monitor and reversing camera. Sounds good, right?

Furthermore, the IoniQ Elektro in all three equipment variants as standard has a navigation system with 8-inch screen as well as an on-board computer with 7-inch monitor. In addition, the “Advanced Smart Cruise Control” is used. The IoniQ brakes through this assistance system at stop-and-go to a standstill and accelerates the car automatically when traffic is running again within five seconds. Protects the battery and the nerves of the driver.

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