Hyundai Kia Edelmark Genesis introduces Electro-Crossover GV60

Hyundai Kia Edelmark Genesis introduces Electro-Crossover GV60-hyundai

The South Korean premium brand Genesis officially revealed the first recordings of his Crossovers GV60. The second electric car of the Hyundai KIA offshoot based on the LiMousine G80 is based on the fully electrical and high-pressed platform E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), which also serves the sister models Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 as a substructure and the Path of the group specifies in the direction of electrification.

The ‘G’ in GV60 stands for Genesis, while the ‘V’ is for versatility, so the manufacturer in a current message. The number “60” is based on the position within the Genesis model series and the GV60 as the most sporty vehicle of the brand so far. Genesis indicates his model name scheme based on the design identity “Athletic Elegance” – and concrete the sportiness with smaller numbers and elegance with larger numbers.

The front of the GV60 way a design optimized for the electric drive. The luminaires in the two-line design should give the body a sporty character. Below these quad lights a wide radiator grille should emphasize the dynamic performance of the GV60 on the one hand and, on the other hand, increase the cooling efficiency of the high voltage batteries in the underbody.

Hyundai Kia Edelmark Genesis introduces Electro-Crossover GV60-introducesgenesis

The GV60 also carries a new wing emblem on the grille. The thickness of the former emblem, according to Genesis, was reduced by almost 80 percent. It has the same guilloche pattern, which is often seen in luxury watches and should hereby emphasize the orientation of the brand towards a luxurious driver experience with high-tech innovations. In addition, Genesis has opted for a “Clamshell Hood” for a “Clamshell Hood”, the bonnet and fender united in a single element and thus completes the elegant and harmonious impression of the electric car.

Viewed from the side shows the GV60 in the flat and as well as dynamic profile of a high-performance coupe. The striking chrome line, which runs from the windshield to the upper edge of the Daylight Opening (DLO) window, continues in the C column and should give the GV60 with its small flash a distinctive feature. The modern appearance also contributes to the digital side mirrors while the automatically flush-finished door handles underline the smooth lines.

Hyundai Kia Edelmark Genesis introduces Electro-Crossover GV60-introducesgenesis

At the rear, the two-line taillights also take a dynamic shape. A fixed spoiler on the stern should emphasize the coupe-like roof and finally complete the image of dynamic performance.

The interior design of the GV60 takes over the design ethos “Beauty of the White Room” of Genesis. One of the most striking features in the interior of the GV60 is the Crystal Sphere, a spherical, electronic gear control, in which mood lights are installed, which enclose when the vehicle is turned off and make the driving experience even more aesthetic.

Hyundai Kia Edelmark Genesis introduces Electro-Crossover GV60-genesisgenesis

The center console in which the Crystal Sphere is located, acts as if she floats. Together with other features of a fully electric platform, such as the slim cockpit and the flat floor in the interior, it should provide passengers a new level of spaciousness.

“When we started in Europe, we have committed ourselves to bring three electric cars to the region within the first year. We are proud that the GV60 will be our second electric car for Europe shortly after the introduction of the electrified G80. The GV60, the first electric car from Genesis on a decided e-platform, will offer a completely new experience as a luxury electric car based on our unique brand identity.”- Dominique Boesch, Managing Director of Genesis Motor Europe

The complete specifications, services and prices for Europe wants to announce Genesis soon. With a view to the already known data from Ioniq 5 and Ev6, interested parties are expected to expect the 300 kW to 400 kW power and reach of a good 500 kilometers. Since the E-GMP platform is designed for a voltage of 800 volts, it will also be able to reload electricity for 100 kilometers in a correspondingly powerful column within a good five minutes. The entry price should be about 65.000 EURO.

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