Hyundai-Kia end development of combustion engines

Hyundai-Kia end development of combustion engines-development

The Hyundai Motor Company has announced its obligation on the IAA Mobility 2021 to become climate-neutral up to 2045. As an intermediate step, it is planned to sell more in Europe from 2035 more burners, but only electric vehicles – be powered by battery or hydrogen. If you want to do this consistently, the step shows that the own engine development center has been dissolved in the research and development center.

Hyundai and Kia justify this that no new models with internal combustion engines will bring more on the market. The Group led on 17. December the largest restructuring of his f&E-Center by. The Namyang Research Institute employs 12.000 research and development employees and is a key organization that acts as a brain of the Hyundai Motor Group.

The two companies have decided to change the development of combustion engines on E-engines. For this reason, the Powertrain team was converted into the Electrification Development Team, an organization dedicated to research and development of electric vehicles. The engine development center was completely closed and all departments that had so far had to do with the combustion powertrain are converted into departments, which will deal with the electrification in the future.

At the same time, the car manufacturer decided to concentrate on the backup of battery technology and founded the Battery Development Center. All these steps aim to shorten the schedule for the development of electric vehicles as much as possible. Considered by region, Panhai Motor Plant Plant, from 2035 in Europe, to offer only emission-free vehicles (ZEV). By 2040, Hyundai wants to abolish all vehicles operating with fossil fuels in the most important world markets and thus make the transition to a clean mobility.

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3 thoughts on “Hyundai-Kia end development of combustion engines”

  1. Good news, also because it seems that (hopefully) all workers: inside could keep their job. If the voice is, is the very exemplary solved by Hyundai Kia.

    This could take the reproach “E-Mobility is Glei Job Loss” wind from the sails. (is similar to the energy transition)

  2. From the article:

    “The engine development center was completely closed …”

    That’s exactly what I want about combustion engines now also very much Listen to other car manufacturers!

  3. I have just read at Golem that Hyundai also adjusts the development of cars with fuel cells immediately to indefinitely.
    Slowly, the ship’s automotive industry turns to the right direction ..


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